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This was a spirit item that could only enhance one's soul power and assist one in forming a soul core.

All of the Shrek's Seven Monsters were extremely knowledgeable, and they were naturally aware that the more limited a spirit item's effects were, the greater those effects would be.

Just as there was a limit to human cultivation, there was also a limit to the amount of natural energies that spirit items could absorb. If they manifested too many effects, then the limited energy that they could absorb would inevitably mean that none of those effects would be very pronounced.

As such, the higher the caliber of a spirit item, the fewer effects it possesses.

"Yuanen, Lizhi, this Chaotic Element Immortal Herb is best suited to one of you. Which one of you wants to take it?" Ye Xinglan asked.

Yuanen Yehui had twin martial souls, so for her, it was very difficult to find one type of spirit item that could enhance both of her martial souls at once. As such, it was best for her to choose a spirit item that could enhance aspects of her own body, such as her strength or soul power.

Not much explanation was needed for Xu Lizhi. He was a food system Soul Master, so he only had to improve in a very limited number of areas. Cultivation was the most difficult for food system Soul Masters, so a spirit item that could purely enhance one's soul power was naturally perfect for him.

Yuanen Yehui immediately said, "I want a spirit item that can increase my strength. You can take this one, Lizhi."

Xu Lizhi made no effort to argue. He knew that this was most likely the spirit item that was best suited to him here, so he immediately strode forward to approach the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb. He reached out with his right hand to touch the pristine white herb.

The Chaotic Element Immortal Herb shuddered slightly, and a burst of bright white light erupted from it. Dense energy spread outward, and Xu Lizhi was forced back several steps. The white light didn't fade after forcing him back. Instead, it adopted a form that was extremely similar to him in appearance. At the very least, it had transformed into a clump of white light with the exact same silhouette as him.

The alternative "Xu Lizhi" thrust both hands forward at once, sending a burst of powerful natural energies surging toward him.

Xu Lizhi didn't back down in the slightest, and he widened his stance to create a more stable base. His hands then instantly took on a pristine white color as he activated his Mysterious Jade Hands. At the same time, he brought his hands together, and his dense Mysterious Heaven Method soul power surged forth in a frenzy. As soon as the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb's hands came into contact with his body, it immediately swayed and stumbled off to the side.

Xu Lizhi abruptly stepped forward and rammed into the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb with his shoulder. The Chaotic Element Immortal Herb fell to the ground as a result, but around a d

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