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During this past month, Tang Wulin had reaped many bountiful rewards. He'd broken his ninth Golden Dragon King seal, separated his soul power and bloodline power, progressed to become a SaintBlacksmith, and learned to control his body.

This one month of training had allowed him to make all of his efforts in the past few years come into fruition.

More than four years had already passed from his trip to the Star Luo Empire to this point. During these four years, his dragon burial and demonic island military training had both been processes of accumulation for him. A strong foundation was the key to rapid future progression; only after this experience did he realize just how powerful he'd become.

After returning to the inner court, he went straight to Gu Yue's wooden cabin filled with hope in his heart. He wasn't hoping that Gu Yue had come back. He was only hoping that she would've left him a message in the cabin or even a letter for him to read.

However, there was nothing in the wooden cabin aside from a thin layer of dust.

In the instant that Tang Wulin made his way into the wooden cabin, the bright light in his eyes dimmed slightly with dejection. She still hadn't come back, and she hadn't even given him a message.

What kind of pressure had to be weighing down on her for her to be so cruel? She clearly loved him, but she'd still left in such a cold and decisive manner.

And what about Na'er? Where was she?

Tang Wulin's heart was throbbing with pain.

He didn't need to learn anything in the academy anymore; what he needed most now was further accumulation and cultivation to improve himself, but he was really struggling to focus on all of that.

If he wanted to graduate from the inner court, he had to become a two-word battle armor master. Generally speaking, a soul power rank of 60 or above was required for one to become a two-word battle armor master.

Tang Wulin reflexively clenched his fists. It was time that he and his friends worked together to strive toward becoming two-word battle armor masters. Following his graduation, he was going to pursue his own dreams. He was going to work hard to make himself more powerful, then set off in search of his parents, as well as for Na'er and Gu Yue.

He took a deep breath to inhale the familiar fragrance in the cabin, and all of his dejection was cast aside. He was already 20 years old. 10 years ago, his parents had left him, and he'd made it all the way to this point. He had suffered countless hardships, but he'd persevered through all of them. He was strong; far more so than the average person both physically and mentally. He immediately repressed the pain in his heart and continued to tell himself that there was still hope in everything. As long as he could become more powerful, everything would definitely become better in the future.

He switched on his soul communicator, which had been off for over a month, and charged it using some of his soul power.

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