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Everyone exchanged astonished glances with one another, and Xu Xiaoyan exclaimed, "My God, Boss; what have you been up to during the past month? If you encounter another opportunity that can bring such drastic enhancements in just a month, make sure to call us up so we can join you! You're a SaintBlacksmith now? Doesn't that mean you can even start forging metals for our suits of three-word battle armor now?"

Tang Wulin smiled, and said, "Not quite. I've only just recently become a SaintBlacksmith, and I need some time to consolidate. Besides, even if I can forge metals of that caliber, none of us will be able to use them before we become seven-ring Soul Sages anyway. Without a martial soul true body as a foundation, there's no way we can use suits of battle armor created from soul refined metals, so let's not get ahead of ourselves here, and focus on constructing our suits of two-word battle armor first.

"However, now that I've mastered soul refinement, I'm planning to forge alloys that consist of fusions of four different types of metals for our two-word battle armor. That way, they'll be far superior to other suits of two-word battle armor. Aside from attaining wings, each suit of two-word battle armor will be able to solidify a soul skill, and those soul skills aren't limited by martial souls. You guys should think carefully about this and ideally decide on a soul skill that someone else among us knows rather than one of your own soul skills."

Solidifying soul skills referred to using special circuits to seal a soul skill into a suit of battle armor. The power of that soul skill would depend on the Soul Master's cultivation rank and the power of their battle armor. After attaining suits of three-word battle armor, they would be able to solidify an additional soul skill.

For example, one of Tang Wulin's soul skills could be solidified into Xie Xie's battle armor, but this process required 100% cooperation from the Soul Master in possession of the soul skill.

"Boss, I want to solidify that claw ability of yours!" Xie Xie immediately said.

Tang Wulin immediately burst into laughter upon hearing this. "You sure dare to dream! Setting aside the fact that this is one of my bloodline soul skills, which may not even be possible to solidify, you don't have my strength, nor my Golden Dragon Dreadclaws to supplement that skill anyway, so it's not suitable for you. Among all of you, only Yuanen possesses enough strength to unleash a good portion of my Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws' power. Of course, she'll only be able to attain that skill if it's possible for my bloodline soul skills to be solidified."

Tang Wulin continued, "I think there's a decent chance that this should be achievable. Furthermore, the more metals used in a spirit alloy, the more capacity it would have, so it may not be impossible for us to solidify some of our teachers' soul skills. At the very least, we should be able to choose all soul skills below

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