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It hurts so much!

A sense of severe physical discomfort jolted Tang Wulin awake.

He felt as if his entire body had fallen apart at the seams. With his immensely powerful physical constitution, he rarely ever experienced this kind of pain aside from when he was breaking his Golden Dragon King seals.

Am I dead? Have I already died?

As he gradually regained consciousness, he slowly began to recall everything that had happened.

He really wished that it was just a nightmare that he could wake up from.

It had to have been a nightmare! Shrek Academy was so powerful; how could it have been destroyed?

He opened his eyes with difficulty, and much to his surprise, he found himself in a green world.

As his eyesight slowly focused, his hearing also returned, and he discovered that he was in a place with chirping birds and flying insects. This was... a forest?

His entire body was in agony, and the pain suggested that he was still alive.

He blinked and tried to move his body, but was completely unable to do so. He took a slow and deep breath before inspecting his own internal condition.

In doing so, he discovered that both his soul power vortex and bloodline vortex had become extremely feeble. Many sections of his meridians had been damaged, and even his internal organs had been displaced.

If a normal person had suffered these injuries, they'd most likely be dead already, but he could clearly feel that his body was slowly recovering.

His immense bloodline power was surging throughout his body, repairing his meridians and adjusting his internal organs back to their rightful places.

He wasn't dead. Was everything that had happened before real? Why was he in a forest?

Tang Wulin was quite perplexed as these thoughts flashed through his mind. However, he knew that his top priority at the moment was to recover as quickly as possible. Only after making a recovery would he be able to uncover the answers to those questions.

After waking up, his rate of self-regeneration immediately sped up. Under his control, his bloodline power was like an extension of his body, and he used it to nudge his internal organs back into place. After that, he quickly set about repairing his meridians, and at the same time, he spurred his soul power vortex into action so it could absorb the natural energies in the outside world to assist in his recovery.

Thankfully, the natural energies here were very abundant, and he was a plant system Soul Master, so he was able to cultivate to great effect in a forest that was filled with plant life.

After an indeterminate period of time had passed, Tang Wulin's meridians and organs were basically fully recovered. The pain began to recede, and some soul power had also gathered in his dantian.

He opened his eyes again, and everything became a lot clearer to him. The first thing that he saw was a massive tree that extended all the way into the heavens.

He rolled over and clamb

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