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Among the four of them, the middle-aged man was clearly their leader. He had a head of long black hair with a strip of golden hair that trailed down in front of his cheek, and as soon as he appeared, the surrounding forest naturally fell silent. It wasn't that the creatures here were being intimidated by him; they were simply compelled to fall silent in his presence.

"My Lord," the middle-aged man immediately called out in a respectful voice at the sight of Gu Yue.

Gu Yue raised her head, and there was a hint of fear in her eyes. "Wh, who are you? Don't hurt my father!"

All four of them were rooted to the spot, and they didn't know whether they should laugh or cry.

The handsome young man turned to the middle-aged man, and asked, "What's going on here, Boss? Our Lord..."

At this moment, Tang Wulin was already in an unconscious state, and Gu Yue clearly wasn't just putting on an act.

The middle-aged man made his way over to Gu Yue, and the latter immediately ducked her head in a frightened manner. She then pounced onto Tang Wulin to shield him with her own body.

Thus, Gu Yue also entered that rainbow light, and as soon as the middle-aged man's hand came into contact with that light, his entire body shuddered violently. He was immediately forced to stumble back several steps as an astonished look appeared on his face.

His three companions were also stunned beyond belief. They knew exactly how powerful this middle-aged man was, yet even he was being forced back by this seemingly gentle rainbow light. Just what was this light?

"It really is the will of the Dragon God," the middle-aged man's brows were tightly furrowed as he mused, "But why has the will of the Dragon God descended upon him? He may have the bloodline of the Golden Dragon King within his body, but he's still a human, and he definitely isn't a reincarnated soul beast. It's already very strange for him to possess this Golden Dragon King bloodline; where did this will of the Dragon God come from?"

The purple-haired woman also had a wry smile on her face. "This is the most powerful will of the Dragon God I've ever seen. What do we do, Di Tian?"

That's right, the middle-aged man standing before her was none other than the Gold-eyed Black Dragon King, Di Tian. This was the man who was widely renowned as the Beast God and the leader of the 10 Great Beasts.

Di Tian's eyes narrowed slightly as he turned to the young man. "Yao Ling, get our Lord out of there so I can examine her condition."

The young man was clearly taken aback by this request. "How can I possibly do something that even you failed at, Boss?"

Di Tian explained, "This will of the Dragon God only has a powerful intimidation effect on dragons like us. You don't possess any dragon bloodline, so you won't be affected. However, as long as we're here, you can't hurt him. Otherwise, the will of the Dragon God will force us to protect him."

The young man became even more surprise

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