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However, what he didn't expect was that Gu Yue insisted on being carried by him from here onward. Whenever he tried to ask her to get down and walk, she would vehemently refuse, and in the end, he had no choice but to transfer her onto his back. Thus, Gu Yue clung onto his back with a wide smile on her face as they continued deeper into the forest.

"I must've owed you money in my past life!" Tang Wulin couldn't help but chuckled in an amused manner as he looked at the pair of arms hanging down the front of his chest.

Gu Yue ducked down and planted a kiss on his cheek as she said, "Father, I like you."

Tang Wulin faltered slightly, and just as he was about to say something, a sense of foreboding suddenly welled up in his heart as he reflexively sprang into the air.

A brown figure whizzed past beneath his feet, and if he hadn't jumped into the air, he would've been struck by it for sure.

"Who's there?" Tang Wulin yelled, but he couldn't see anything from the direction the sneak attack had come from.

His eyes narrowed slightly as a cold aura began to emanate from his body. Bluesilver Emperor vines emerged from beneath his feet before spreading toward all directions. This was a forest, so it was a battlefield that was extremely suited to him.

A strange turn of events then unfolded. Much to Tang Wulin's surprise, after his Bluesilver Emperor vines plunged into the ground, he immediately felt his senses proliferate outward.

His Spirit Abyss realm spiritual power already had very powerful sensory abilities that could encompass an area with a radius of over 1,000 feet, but he could only approximately sense everything within that area. However, as his Bluesilver Emperor vines fused together with this forest, he felt as if he'd attained an omniscient eye. Everything encompassed within his sensory range appeared in his mind in the form of a clear three-dimensional image.

Around 600 meters up ahead and to his left, there was a massive figure with reddish-brown fur springing from one tree to another like a shooting star. It was constantly moving at a high speed, and it seemed to be traveling around himself and Gu Yue the entire time.

Gu Yue stuck her head out from behind Tang Wulin's shoulder and inspected her surroundings with a curious expression.

Being able to see their opponent naturally made it a lot easier for them to devise a course of action.

This was a Crimson Fire Monkey, but it was completely different from the Crimson Fire Monkey in Tang Wulin's mind.

According to his understanding of soul beasts, Crimson Fire Monkeys were a type of low-grade soul beasts, most of which were less than 100 years old with only a small proportion of them managing to exceed that age. Even hundred-year-old Crimson Fire Monkeys had very simple and predictable attacks. Aside from their slightly remarkable speed and their ability to traverse through the forest quickly, there wasn't anything noteworthy about them.


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