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When Tang Wulin awakened from his meditation, he discovered Gu Yue sleeping soundly while using his leg as a pillow.

A warm look appeared in Tang Wulin's eyes at the sight of her sleeping face, and he gently stroked her long hair.

Why do you look like Na'er now, Gu Yue? There's no sign on your body to suggest that you've used any disguise techniques; what happened to you?

They were currently most likely situated deep within the Star Dou Forest, and there was no way for him to treat her amnesia here. Only after leaving this place could he seek to remedy her condition.

At this point, he could only take things one step at a time. The fall of Shrek City would've undoubtedly had an extremely severe impact on the entire continent, and even after he made it out of this forest, he would be under immense pressure as the leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

He could clearly recall that prior to rising up into the air, Atlas Douluo Yun Ming had told him that he was the future hope of Shrek Academy. Shrek Academy had given him everything, and without the academy, he wouldn't be who he was today. As such, it was undoubtedly his duty to rebuild and avenge Shrek Academy.

He reflexively clenched his fists and forced himself not to think of all of those familiar faces from Shrek Academy.

There was no point in wallowing in grief; he had to be strong.

He didn't know what condition his friends were currently in, but they were most likely fine seeing as Gu Yue had shielded him and his friends from most of the power of that soul missile's explosion. With that in mind, Tang Wulin pulled his soul communicator out of his storage soul tool, but just as he'd expected, there was no signal here, so he couldn't make any calls.

He heaved a faint sigh and pulled out some dried rations to eat while Gu Yue continued to sleep on his leg.

In the distance, the black soul ring that had risen up from the Crimson Fire Monkey King's body had already disappeared as too much time had elapsed. This was undoubtedly a waste of a soul ring, but there was no way around it as neither he nor Gu Yue required a soul ring at the moment. In reality, if it weren't for the fact that the Crimson Fire Monkey King had attacked them twice, he really didn't want to kill it. There were barely any soul beasts left on the continent, and soul beasts as powerful as this one were even rarer.

Right at this moment, the thought of the Demonic Greenbird suddenly sprang into his mind, and he immediately cast his gaze toward it.

Goldsong was still wound tightly around the Demonic Greenbird's body, and strangely enough, the wound on its body had already healed and been covered by a layer of feathers. It had already woken up at this point, and it was appraising Tang Wulin with its pair of ruby-like eyes. Despite the fact that Goldsong was wrapped around its body, it wasn't struggling at all.

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed slightly as he scrutinized the Demonic Greenbird. I

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