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If the people you were trying to threaten could sense indecision in your demeanor, then it was very likely that they were going to stall for time in order to devise a plan to kill you. It was undoubtedly the case that the longer this standoff lasted, the more things the situation would tilt against Tang Wulin's favor.

He lunged directly toward a purple mecha with Gu Yue in his arms as he spoke.

All of a sudden, he spun around before launching a kick onto the mecha's shoulder.

A resounding boom rang out as that mecha was sent flying by his terrifying strength before crashing into the mechas behind it.

"Strength analysis: over 150,000 kilograms. The mecha has sustained 21% damage."

Was this man even a human?

At this moment, many of the most important figures of the Star Dou Fortress had already gathered at the control tower. After witnessing the terrifying strength that Tang Wulin had displayed, their immediate initial judgment was that this deranged-looking man had to be a soul beast. Only a soul beast could possess such immense strength.

It was naturally very important for them to keep the Great Beasts from escaping, but Gu Yuena was a Reserve Spirit Envoy, so her life was definitely much more important to the Spirit Pagoda in comparison. In the face of Tang Wulin's deranged rampage, all of the mechas were constantly being forced back.

If Tang Wulin were asking them to lift the entire protective barrier over the Star Dou Forest, then that was clearly a demand they couldn't comply with. However, if he were only trying to escape on his own, then the situation became very simple. All they had to do was hunt him down after he escaped.

After crashing through the mechas around him, Tang Wulin continued to rush onward. He didn't know where he was going, but he was roughly aware of which direction that the Star Dou Forest was situated in, and he was charging away in the opposite direction.

After passing through a few passageways, more and more powerful beings from the Spirit Pagoda began to appear both ahead of and behind him, but he displayed no intention of stopping.

However, the structure of this place was extremely convoluted, and if he were to continue to run through one passageway after another, he was eventually going to lose his sense of direction.

It was undoubtedly the case that all of the surrounding powerful beings were waiting for an opportunity. As soon as he showed any sign of weakness or expended too much energy, they would swoop in and kill him on the spot while rescuing Gu Yue at the same time.

He couldn't just keep running around aimlessly like this.

With that in mind, he abruptly stopped in his tracks. He kept one had on Gu Yue's neck while lashing out toward the wall behind him with his other hand.

A rumbling dragon's roar rang out as he activated his bloodline power, but he didn't allow his dragon scales to appear over his body.

An enormous burst of power that exceede

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