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Not only that, but in the neighboring room, there was an identical setup, except the object at the center of that room was entirely dark green in color, and the demonic symbols were even more complex.

Regardless of whether it was the men in black in the outer circle or the 12 Soul Douluos at the center of the room, all of their bodies were slowly withering away due to energy loss. However, not a single sound could be heard within the two rooms.

At the Tang Sect.

After completing a series of official duties, a contemplative look appeared in Guo Xiaoxu's eyes. Right at this moment, a boisterous voice rang out.

"What's on your mind, Xiaoxu? You seem quite distracted; care for a drink?" The master of the Power Hall, Zhao Song, walked in from outside, rubbing his own bald head with a smile on his face.

He shared an extremely close friendship with Guo Xiaoxu. They were both of a similar age and had once cultivated together for many years in the past. It was only later on in their cultivation journeys that they diverged toward different paths. They'd both joined the Tang Sect at the same time and went on to become high-ranking members of the sect. Guo Xiaoxu was in a higher position of power than Zhao Song in the Tang Sect, but that didn't drive any wedges into their friendship.

Guo Xiaoxu replied, "I can't; there are too many things for me to take care of in the sect. Both of the palace masters are absent, and the priests from the Holy Hall completely detach themselves from these official duties, so I have to take up the mantle."

Zhao Song asked, "Does HeavenDou City still require attention on our end? I thought that the aftermath had already been dealt with."

Guo Xiaoxu sighed, "The Holy Spirit Cult has been in hiding for so many years, yet they've chosen to return now, and they're acting in an extremely discrete manner. The work that needs to be done over at HeavenDou City is nearing a conclusion, but we still have no idea where the main forces of the Holy Spirit Cult are. Even back when the vice-palace master was here, he still couldn't find anything important and only managed to capture a few small fry. According to the analysis from the palace master, the Holy Spirit Cult's attack on HeavenDou City is only a precursor, and an attack of a larger scale is most likely yet to come. We don't know if or where that attack will eventuate, so we have to constantly be on our guards."

Zhao Song's brows furrowed slightly. "You're right. Those abhorrent bastards! Don't let me run into them! Otherwise, I'm twisting their heads off and using them as chamber pots!"

Guo Xiaoxu chuckled, "Your temper's just as fiery as ever. Your outer halls must also be quite busy recently. You know what? I think I'll go have a drink with you after all; it's important to relax from time to time. Where's Liang Xiaoyu? Call him up as well."


Night fell, and the Tang Sect gradually became more peaceful.

Tang Wulin completed

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