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A surge of panic welled up in Tang Wulin's heart, and he immediately shot forth like a speeding arrow toward Gu Yue's direction.

Gu Yue had lost all of her memories, and she was as vulnerable as a little girl. At this moment, all of the hairs on Tang Wulin's body had stood up on end, and he instantly reached his maximum speed. At the same time, a Bluesilver Emperor vine was surging directly toward Gu Yue at an even faster speed than him.

The figure that was rushing toward Tang Wulin was none other than the Crimson Fire Monkey King, while the creature hurtling toward Gu Yue was a green bird-type soul beast. It flew through the air like a speeding arrow, and just as Tang Wulin's Bluesilver Emperor wrapped itself around Gu Yue's waist, the green bird had reached her as well, and it was stabbing its sharp long beak directly toward her forehead.

Demonic Greenbird! Tang Wulin instantly identified this soul beast, and it was exactly because he'd recognized it that the horror in his heart was exacerbated even further.

Demonic Greenbirds were one of the most vicious bird-type souls beasts in existence. Their growth was facilitated solely by ingesting the brains of other living beings, regardless of whether they were humans or soul beasts. However, they had a preference for human brains. These birds were some of the fastest creatures in the world of soul beasts, but there weren't all that many of them left in this world.

In the distant past, Demonic Greenbirds had once caused a massive disaster. At the time, they were flock-dwelling soul beasts, and flocks of Demonic Greenbirds were like swarms of locusts, except they devoured brains rather than crops. Everywhere they passed through, all of the living beings in the area had holes on their heads and their brains completely sucked away. Those were truly horrifying scenes to behold!

After that, an extermination movement was carried out against the Demonic Greenbirds. Under the leadership of the soul beast kings, the Demonic Greenbirds were hunted to the brink of extinction, and only then did the threat they posed to the other living beings on the continent lessen significantly. Nowadays, they were very rarely seen, and whenever they appeared, they were extremely cautious.

Humans didn't actually know much about the Demonic Greenbirds, and there were only records about these birds in some ancient tomes. This was because back when the Demonic Greenbirds were plaguing the continent, the soul beasts were still in power.

It was said that at the time, a Demonic Greenbird had eaten the brains of a true dragon and underwent constant evolution to become one of the most fearsome predators on the entire continent.

It was exactly due to the fact that a true dragon had been killed that the rulers of the continent at the time, the dragon clan, united their power to hunt down these Demonic Greenbirds. It was a revenge mission launched with the intent of wiping out all Demonic Greenbirds

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