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Tang Wulin's six friends were already half-buried under mud from the force of the explosion, but most of the explosive force failed to make it to the ground down below.

During the final moments of the explosion, only Ye Xinglan caught sight of a ball of silver light hurtling away into the distance through her peripheral vision.

It was over. Everything truly seemed to have come to an end this time. The terrifying explosion had finally subsided.

Ye Xinglan brushed off the soil on her body and jumped out of the crater first before helping all of her friends out of it as well.

"Waah!" Xu Xiaoyan was unable to repress her grief any longer, and she burst into loud sobs. Yue Zhengyu hurriedly enveloped her in his embrace.

Ye Xinglan wore a grim expression on her face as she said, "Now's not the time to cry, and nor do we have any right to cry. The pavilion master gave his life so we could survive, and Wulin shielded us from that soul missile, so we have to live on. We are the final seeds of Shrek Academy; we are Shrek’s Seven Monsters, and we have to shoulder the duty of avenging Shrek Academy. Come with me."

She turned and rushed toward the edge of the colossal crater that they were situated in as she spoke.

Yuanen Yehui picked up Yali in her arms and quickly followed along.

Xie Xie was gritting his teeth as he ran alongside her, and Xu Lizhi wore a slightly twisted expression on his face as his lips were pursed into a thin line.

Xu Xiaoyan wiped away her tears and also followed along behind everyone with Yue Zhengyu in accompaniment.

They had no time to be struck down by grief. In the aftermath of this disaster, their top priority was to survive for themselves, for Shrek Academy, and for the Tang Sect.

Ye Xinglan looked as calm as ever, but how could she not be in pain? However, Tang Wulin had disappeared, and no one knew whether he was dead or alive. If he had truly died to save them, then she definitely couldn't let his sacrifice go to waste. She had to leave here with her friends and live on. Where there was life, there was hope.

Following the demonic island military training, their mental fortitude had become a lot stronger than that of normal people. Thus, they didn't completely fall apart in the aftermath of this disaster. As long as they were still alive, the legacy of Shrek Academy would live on, and there was a chance that the academy would be resurrected in the future.


"Smash!" A crystal glass fell to the ground and shattered into countless pieces.

The president's face had turned deathly pale.

"Shrek Academy has been completely destroyed by two Godslayer missiles?" His body was trembling uncontrollably.

As a man of his power and status, he was supposed to remain calm at all times, but how could he keep calm at a time like this?

He was well aware of what it entailed for Shrek Academy to be destroyed. He had always wished to be able to control Shrek City one day, but

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