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Tang Wulin approached Zhen Hua and extended a salute before giving everyone a recount of what had happened during the terrorist attack on Shrek Academy.

Mu Ye and Zhen Hua's expressions became grimmer and grimmer as they listened to his story.

Only Tang Wulin and his friends were aware of exactly what had happened at Shrek City during the attack. In the face of the two Godslayer missiles, everything had been annihilated. Even the protector of Shrek Academy, the Golden Tree, had completely disappeared.

The atmosphere in the stone chamber had become quite somber.

Zhen Hua turned to Tang Wulin, and asked, "What are your plans, Wulin?"

Tang Wulin replied in a grave voice, "I'm planning to keep a low profile and observe everything from the shadows, then think of a plan to gradually rebuild Shrek Academy after the situation on the continent stabilizes. During this time, we're also planning to craft our suits of two-word battle armor. Teacher, Uncle-teacher, do either of you know where I can find the spirit item known as the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum? Aunt Yali says that it's the only thing that can help Gu Yue recover her memories."

Tang Wulin was very eager to raise this question to these two as both of them had a vast wealth of knowledge and experience.

Mu Ye's brows furrowed slightly as he shook his head. "I've heard of it, but I've never seen it before."

Zhen Hua said, "Same for me. I've heard that this Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum is extremely beneficial to Soul Masters who are cultivating body refinement techniques. However, I presume that there's one place where this spirit item can definitely be found. That place has the greatest wealth of rare spirit items on this entire continent, especially when it comes to plant-type spirit items."

Tang Wulin was quite elated to hear this. "What is this place you're talking about?"

Zhen Hua replied, "It's one of the Tang Sect's secret regions. Remember that Tang Sect Ice Fire Seal that the Amorous Douluo gave you last time? That badge will grant you access to that secret region, but you have to get into contact with the higher-ups of the Tang Sect first."

Tang Wulin's face immediately fell at the mention of the Tang Sect. The Tang Sect headquarters had also been destroyed during the attack!

"Don't wallow in despair; the Tang Sect is different from Shrek Academy. The entirety of Shrek Academy is in Shrek City, so it's been completely destroyed during the attack, but that's not the case for the Tang Sect. Even though many of the Tang Sect's most powerful beings were gathered at their headquarters, the main loss they suffered during the attack was in resources, not in personnel.

"According to my knowledge, neither the Amorous Douluo nor the Heartless Douluo were at the Tang Sect headquarters at the time. Otherwise, even though Godslayer missiles had been detonated, the combined powers of those two and Atlas Douluo may have been enough to stifle

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