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Recover soul power, inject soul power into her body, recover, inject...

After a few cycles of this, Tang Wulin gradually began to sense that Gu Yue's aura had become stronger. This was a very good sign, and it showed that his injections of soul power were proving to be effective.

The sky gradually dimmed as night fell.

The sky slowly lit up, and the dawn of a new day arrived.

During this time, Tang Wulin had already injected soul power into Gu Yue's body on seven separate occasions, and the relentless cycle of cultivation and injection was making him very exhausted.

After injecting soul power into her body for the eighth time, Gu Yue's condition had completely stabilized. However, she still hadn't woken up, so he could only enter a meditative state again despite his exhaustion.

After attaining his soul power vortex, his rate of soul power recovery had sped up considerably compared to in the past, and two hours later, his soul power had recovered, and his exhaustion had also been significantly alleviated.

However, as soon as he opened his eyes, he was greeted by the sight of a pair of large purple eyes situated extremely close to his own eyes, and he was given such a fright that his qi almost deviated. Thankfully, his soul power vortex reacted just in time and drew that wisp of soul power back to normal.

"You almost gave me a heart attack! You're awake!" Tang Wulin had to take a few deep breaths to recover from the fright that he'd received, but his heart was quickly filled with elation.

Gu Yue was sitting right in front of him and was wearing a set of his clothes. Her original dress was in complete tatters, so Tang Wulin had changed her into his clothes with his eyes closed.

His clothes were clearly too big for Gu Yue, and she blinked as she sat on the ground. Her eyes were extremely clear, and they resembled a pair of clear ponds that reflected Tang Wulin's face.

"Gu Yue?" Tang Wulin called out in a hesitant manner.

A smile suddenly appeared on her face. She was extremely beautiful with Na'er's appearance, and her smile had Tang Wulin feeling slightly entranced.


"Thump!" Tang Wulin had just sat up, and he collapsed straight to the ground again.

He quickly sat bolt upright once again and stared at Gu Yue in a dumbstruck manner. "Wh, what did you just call me?"

Gu Yue seemed to have been startled by the sudden fall that he took, and she reached out to tug on his sleeve while placing her other thumb into her mouth as she murmured, "Father."

Tang Wulin almost passed out as his eyes threatened to roll into the back of his head. What the hell was happening?

"Quit playing around, Gu Yue, you..."

"Father..." Gu Yue cried out again, but on this occasion, her voice was filled with indignation, and tears began to well up in her beautiful purple eyes.


No matter how he looked at it, she didn't seem to be acting!

Tang Wulin massaged his own brows as he

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