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Tang Wulin could still recall that it had a pair of ruby-like eyes, and if it were to stand still without moving, it would be like a perfect jade statue.

But this thing was lethal!

"No, it's too dangerous. These Demonic Greenbird evolve through eating brains! Do you understand?" Tang Wulin said in an urgent manner.

"I'm not giving it to you." Gu Yue hugged the Demonic Greenbird tightly to her chest and turned around so that her back was facing him.

Tang Wulin immediately rushed around to face her with a serious expression. "Listen to me, Gu Yue; this thing is not some fun toy or pet; it almost killed you just now!"

"No! Father is so cruel!" Gu Yue turned away from him again.

Tang Wulin was completely speechless.

I'M the cruel one? If I'm not cruel here, it's going to kill us!

"Be a good girl and listen to me, Gu Yue; this Demonic Greenbird is a lethal predator, and it once brought disaster to the entire continent in ancient times. This Demonic Greenbird is different from the ones that are described in written records; this one is even more powerful than the records claim! I've only knocked it out, but after it wakes up, it's going to pose a major threat to us! We can't even use our Divine Dragon Transformation now, so after it wakes up, it's going to kill us both! Do you want to see me die?"

Gu Yue looked up to find Tang Wulin extending his hands toward her with a serious look on his face. She blinked, and suddenly said, "I have a way to make it not hurt us!"

Before Tang Wulin had a chance to say anything else, she suddenly raised a hand and swept it through the air.

A series of strange lines immediately appeared in mid-air, and all of them appeared to be living beings that were shimmering with silver light.

These lines gradually formed a silver rune that slowly descended toward the Demonic Greenbird's head.

As the rune surged into his body, the Demonic Greenbird began to tremble, and Gu Yue gently stroked its green feathers as she crooned, "It's alright, Little Green; it'll be over soon."

Tang Wulin looked on with a surprised expression. He could clearly sense that the silver rune was imbued with an extremely enormous amount of spiritual power. Even with his Spirit Abyss realm spiritual power, he was unable to fathom just how much spiritual power that rune contained.

He hurriedly asked, "Have you remembered something, Gu Yue?"

Gu Yue shook her head. "No. Something in my mind told me that doing this to Little Green would stop it from attacking us. It's going to be a good Little Green now."

Tang Wulin was still rather concerned. "What if that doesn't work? It..."

"It'll work," Gu Yue insisted in a serious and confident manner.

Tang Wulin suggested, "How about this? I promise you that I won't kill it, but you have to let me tie it up with my Bluesilver Emperor vines, and we'll see how it reacts when it wakes up again."

Gu Yue was clearly rather reluctant, but she stil

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