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Tang Wulin had always possessed immense bloodline power, but that required a vast amount of food consumption to maintain. Whenever he used this power, it would also expend a lot of energy, and after running out of energy, he would immediately fall into a feeble state. However, everything was suddenly beginning to feel different. The violent bloodline energy surging over his skin began to circulate in an intriguing manner, and this circulation didn't come into conflict with the circulation of his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power at all. Instead, it was allowing him to slowly absorb the bloodline power that was originally in his meridians into his skin instead.

His bloodline power circulated beneath his skin while his soul power circulated within his meridians, and as the two began to separate, a series of strange reactions began to take place.

Firstly, the circulation of Tang Wulin's Mysterious Heaven Method soul power became smoother, and the rate of circulation was clearly beginning to speed up. The soul power vortex in his body began to rotate at a higher speed, and a crystalline light began to glow at the bottom tip of the vortex.

After that, his bloodline power also began to circulate in a smoother manner after being separated from his soul power. Even more importantly, during this process, his bloodline power entered an unprecedented state where its violent nature began to ease, and at the same time, his bloodline aura began to steadily elevate. It was just like how his soul power could slowly increase over time with cultivation.

The two circuits were rather jerky initially, but they gradually began to operate more smoothly, and neither of the two disrupted the other, but they were somehow linked by a faint yet profound connection. One of them was on the outside while the other was on the inside. His Mysterious Heaven Method soul power circulated relentlessly within his body while his immense bloodline power circulated on the outside like a turbulent river.

A series of golden halos began to appear around the shattered ninth Golden Dragon King seal, fortifying his external bloodline aura circulation and making Tang Wulin feel as if he had been reborn as a new man.

In his spiritual world, he could also sense that a golden dragon seemed to have risen up, and it was hovering within his mind. From the dragon's head to its tail, there were a total of nine specks of shimmering golden light, and the dragon gave off a fearsome and menacing aura. This was an indescribable aura that seemed to be threatening to burst through this entire world.

For the first time, Tang Wulin sensed the unruly nature of the Golden Dragon King's power. This was the aura of a supreme being that stood above all of the living beings in this world. It was as if a supreme ruler had finally awakened from a lengthy slumber, and everything was compelled to bow to it in subordination.

In his mind, it was as if the Golden Dragon King bloodline wi

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