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In contrast, Xie Xie was in far worse condition. Two massive gashes ran all the way down from his shoulder to his left hip, and his suit of battle armor had been completely torn open. The battle armor was constructed from spirit alloys, so it quickly repaired itself, but Xie Xie had already lost the ability to continue fighting, and he still hadn't even gotten up from the ground yet.

Tang Wulin descended from the sky and landed on the ground with a resounding boom. A brief period of deathly silence ensued.

Yuanen Yehui rushed over to Xie Xie before cradling him up in her arms to inspect his condition.

However, in the next instant, she raised her head again, and the astonishment in her eyes had grown even more pronounced. Xie Xie appeared to have suffered grievous wounds, but in reality, he was completely unscathed. His battle armor had been sliced open, but even his clothes remained completely unharmed. He had only had his bloodline and soul power sealed off. It was downright incredible that Tang Wulin was able to exercise such exemplary control when unleashing such a devastating attack.

No one was delusional enough to think that he simply lacked the power to hurt Xie Xie. It was quite apparent that if he wanted Xie Xie dead, he would already be in pieces right now.

Yue Zhengyu landed on the ground, and he wasn't in much better condition. Three massive gashes had appeared on his suit of battle armor, but it had superior defensive prowess compared to Xie Xie's battle armor, so it hadn't been completely destroyed.

After landing on the ground, he was completely dumbfounded. In the face of Tang Wulin's attack, he felt as if his body had been completely immobilized, rendering him unable to take evasive measures. As such, he could only take the attack head-on, yet his holy sword barely did anything to protect him. The sword was instantly shattered by Tang Wulin's terrifying golden dragon claws, and he was sent flying like a cannonball.

If he hadn't defended with all his might, he would most likely be in a similar situation to Xie Xie right now. Furthermore, he could clearly sense that Tang Wulin had held back in that attack. What was even more astonishing was that he still hadn't even put on his battle armor! This was...

When did he become this powerful?

In the eyes of the other six members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, Tang Wulin had completely left them behind. They'd only been apart for just over a month, yet he was like a completely different man. He was like a dragon that had soared into the heavens, displaying power far superior to what he was capable of in the past. Yue Zhengyu had already become a six-ring Soul Emperor, but he had no chance against Tang Wulin.

Yue Zhengyu understood that perhaps he'd only stand a chance if he were to use his Sacrifice ability, but even then, his chances would most likely be very slim.

How was there such a massive gap between them?

Xie Xie only awakened after Yuanen

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