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Tang Wulin began to move. He took a step forward, and the Golden Dragon Spear in front of him abruptly shuddered as it instantly unleashed several dozens of spear projections. The spear projections began to shimmer in the air, emitting a string of loud explosive booms, and the sound made it seem as if the entire space were about to be torn apart.

The frosty sensation in the air was nullified even further, and Tang Wulin took nine consecutive steps. All of a sudden, countless spear projections had appeared at the center of the competition platform. What was most astonishing to Long Yuxue was that with each successive spear strike, Tang Wulin's aura would become slightly elevated, and the scales on his body also glowed brighter and brighter. The immense aura emanating from his body rendered her completely unable to even muster up the urge to attack him.

She had always known that Tang Wulin was very powerful, but they'd always been comrades, so she didn't know what it was like to face Tang Wulin in battle.

Even though Tang Wulin wasn't attacking her at the moment, she was still struck by the same sense of powerlessness that befell Jiang Wuyue in his presence.

This type of spiritual domination was even more fearsome than a direct attack, and there was no way to evade it. Long Yuxue could sense that her spirit and will were trembling, and her ice attribute powers, which had been enhanced by her domain, were constantly being weakened.

Tang Wulin didn't even take a single glance in Long Yuxue's direction. Instead, he was unleashing one spear strike after another while relentlessly releasing his most powerful soul power fluctuations. His entire being had been completely immersed into the spear intent of the Fury of the Masses.

He was releasing both his martial soul and his bloodline power, and the two were constantly being stimulated by his spear intent, attempting to integrate with one another through all types of different combinations.

He wasn't using any of his soul skills. Instead, he was simply unleashing one spear projection after another, and all of the projections were radiating the most dazzling light. Countless spear projections were being strung together, and his aura was being elevated in a relentless manner.

At this moment, he was completely free from all inhibitions!

He couldn't release his spear intent with such reckless abandon in the legion, but he could do so now. Here in this simulated competition venue, he could release everything that he'd learned and experienced during the past few days without having to hold back at all.

He was still very far away from mastering the true Fury of the Masses, but was gradually finding a hint of his own spear intent.

During the past few days, he'd constantly been holding his Golden Dragon Spear, even while he was sleeping and cultivating, and the effects of this were finally beginning to show. As he unleashed his spear intent with reckless abandon, his Go

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