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These were true black mecha weapons, and they were leaving arcs of lightning flashing in their wake. They were drawing upon the power of lightning, and all of Tang Wulin's Bluesilver Emperor vines that came into contact with them were instantly paralyzed and fell limp to the ground. Even though the vines weren't being destroyed, the two boomerangs were still hurtling directly toward Tang Wulin with unstoppable force.


Under normal circumstances, a black mecha's combat prowess should be comparable to that of a seven-ring Soul Sage, and that was also the case for Tang Wulin in his suit of two-word battle armor.

However, such simple blanket rules couldn't be applied to the likes of Ling Wuyue and Tang Wulin as both of them possessed far greater combat prowess than other beings of the same caliber.

The Golden Dragon Spear shuddered slightly before being thrust forward once again, and on this occasion, several dozens of spear projections erupted forth, encompassing both of the oncoming boomerangs. At the same time, Tang Wulin unleashed his Golden Dragon Body.

His golden dragon scales fused as one with his Dragon Moon battle armor, making the suit of battle armor appear even thicker and heavier than before. At the same time, his aura instantly erupted toward the direction that his spear projections had been aimed.

"Clang, clang!" Both of the boomerangs were struck and instantly flung into the air. However, much to his surprise, the boomerangs that had just been sent flying by him were rotating at an even faster speed than before. At the same time, they flew past him on either side, and it appeared that the crisis had been averted, but Tang Wulin could immediately sense an even greater threat approaching him from behind.

At the same time, the black mecha rushed directly toward him from the front, wielding the martial soul boomerang in its hand.

In contrast with before, the boomerang had turned into a scorching white color again, and its aura had been elevated significantly as it radiated dazzling white light.

Was this battle armor enhancement? Had she released her suit of battle armor as well?

Tang Wulin could sense that there had been a qualitative increase in the power of the boomerang, and only battle armor could provide such a significant enhancement. However, he could sense that Ling Wuyue most likely only possessed a suit of one-word battle armor. Otherwise, the enhancements would've only been even more fearsome.

The black mecha was over eight meters tall, yet it was extremely fast and agile. It closed down the distance between itself and Tang Wulin in a flash, and a streak of scintillating light came crashing down directly toward his head.

She was using her boomerang like a scimitar, and she had found a chink in the defenses of the Golden Dragon Spear in a flash before exploiting it to her advantage.

Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear swung around, and it tremored slightly as a vast expan

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