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The Golden Dragon Roar destroyed the Tyrant Dragon Projection, but it couldn't' stop Jiang Wuyue from continuing to charge forward in his tyrant body state.

Right at this moment, Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth appeared. Under Tang Wulin's expert control, eight golden dragons emerged from beneath Jiang Wuyue's body almost at the exact same moment, forcibly propelling his gargantuan body into the air for around seven or eight meters.

However, the Armageddon Tyrant Rush was Jiang Wuyue's sixth soul skill, and it wasn't going to be dispelled so easily. Even though he was forced to change direction, that only delayed him for a moment before he spread his wings to control his body, then continued to hurtle toward Tang Wulin.

However, with these two brief moments of respite, Tang Wulin had bought himself more than enough time. He adopted a wide stand with his left leg in the front and his right leg in the back while his spear was brandished before him.

At the same time, the surface of his battle armor took on a mirror-like appearance, and brilliant light erupted from the dragon core within his chest. A dragon's roar then rang out as energy surged around his body.


The Armageddon Tyrant Rush crashed into Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear, which was being backed up by his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body, and Jiang Wuyue's enormous body came to a complete standstill, creating quite a peculiar sight to behold.

In contrast, Tang Wulin was flung back by the force of the devastating impact, and his entire body slid backward while his feet carved out a pair of trenches into the ground.

Even so, his body was still extremely stable as he glided backward. His Dragon Moon battle armor flashed in a rapid manner, and the energy absorbed by his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body was completely unleashed. He thrust his Golden Dragon Spear toward Jiang Wuyue, who had been hovering in mid-air from their prior clash, and a loud dragon's roar suddenly rang out.

A massive golden dragon then erupted from his Golden Dragon Spear, and it was none other than his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens.

Jiang Wuyue's entire body was trembling violently due to the enormous recoil force that he'd been struck by, and his vision was completely dark. In the next instant, golden light illuminated the darkness, but his body was also devoured by this light.

A voice sounded beside his ears. "More than 70% of your body has been destroyed; you have been deemed to be dead. You have suffered a loss; your current record is zero wins, one loss."

Light flashed again, and all of the pain vanished. Jiang Wuyue abruptly discovered that he'd already arrived back at the place he was situated at before he entered the sports stadium.

Light flashed again, and Tang Wulin also appeared beside him. However, the words "one win, zero losses" had appeared beside his nickname.

I lost just like that?

He hadn't used his full power during his sparring match with Tan

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