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Zhang Huanyun harrumphed coldly before falling silent. He was naturally aware that there was no way that Blood One would be willing to hand Tang Wulin over to him.

The nights in the Skyend Mountain Ranges were extremely cold, and the lowest temperature often dipped below -50°C. [Once again, -58°F for mah American homies] Everything was covered under a blanket of snow, yet if someone could use a special device to observe the energy in the air, they'd discover that a vortex had appeared in the air above the Blood God Legion base, one that was constantly absorbing the natural energies in the surrounding air.

This vortex was like a giant funnel that led straight into the Blood God Battalion dormitory building, and it had been in existence for close to a day and a night already.

Finally, a hint of light appeared on the horizon, and the black sky gradually turned into a deep blue color, heralding the arrival of a new dawn.

All of a sudden, Blood One's expression changed slightly as he could clearly sense that Tang Wulin's soul core was about to be completely manifested, as evidenced by the fact that the rate at which he was absorbing natural energies was beginning to sharply decline.

Within the dormitory room.

A layer of delicate lustrous light had appeared over his skin, and there was also faint light circulating beneath his skin.

He was already extremely handsome to begin with, but he had become even more dashing and stunning.

Within his dantian, all of the ribbons of light had already disappeared, and they'd been replaced by an ovular soul core that was shimmering with blue light. The soul core was around the size of a pigeon egg, and it was extremely dense. There seemed to be a blade of bluish-golden Bluesilver Grass sealed within the soul core, and what was even more remarkable was that there seemed to be something revolving around the blade of Bluesilver Grass like a shooting star.

His soul core was finally complete, and his soul power had naturally also reached rank 60. He was now a Soul Emperor!

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and he'd already prepared a soul ring for himself. He injected his will into the seed of nature, and at this point, the hibernating Beautiful Silk Tulip had already been awake for quite a while.

However, just as Tang Wulin was preparing to fuse with his third soul spirit and attain his sixth soul ring, his glabella suddenly lit up.

In the beginning, it was just a faint speck of green light, but as soon as the speck of green light appeared, five soul rings immediately emerged beneath him.

Four of the soul rings were behaving in a very normal manner, but the fifth soul ring, the greenish-golden one, was glowing far brighter than it usually did.

The soul core that Tang Wulin had just attained suddenly pulsed ever so slightly, and he could sense that something seemed to have trembled deep within his soul core.

His glabella also began to pulse along wit

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