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Without the relentless erosion from that strange energy, a faint layer of white light immediately appeared over the pauldron, and the gash began to seal in a slow yet steady manner.

Tang Wulin carried the pauldron over to Xu Weitao, and said, "All done, Uncle Xu."

Xu Weitao had witnessed this entire process, and he had an astonished look on his face as he said, "How did you do that? That wasn't forging, as far as I could tell. This energy comes from the Demonic Centipede Puppet Monarch of the 101st abyssal level; how did you dispel it so easily? Back when its energy first infiltrated my body, I had to expend a lot of power before I finally managed to recover from that injury. If I'd known that you could get rid of that energy so easily, I would've just come to you!"

A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face in response. "I'm not a healer, so my ability won't work on life forms; it's only applicable to metals."If he were to pierce the Golden Dragon Spear into Xu Weitao's body, it would immediately begin to suck away his life force, and that would inflict even more damage than the power of that Demonic Centipede Puppet Monarch.

Xu Weitao nodded with a peculiar look on his face. The more he learned about this young man, the more he came to realize just how exceptional he was.

It was no wonder that the Blood God Battalion had swooped in to take him so quickly; if he'd known all of this from the beginning, he wouldn't have given the Blood God Battalion a chance to take Tang Wulin!

"I originally planned to have this pauldron reforged. A piece of soul refined metal required to make a pauldron like this will cost at least 20,000 accolades, so I'll pay you according to that number," Xu Weitao offered.

Tang Wulin hurriedly said, "There's no need for that, Uncle Xu. I barely did anything, so you don't have to give me any accolades."

Xu Weitao insisted in a serious voice, "I can't just employ your services for free. The fact that you didn't have to do much is beside the point; the fact of the matter is that I had my pauldron repaired by you. That is a testament to your skills, but I still have to pay you nonetheless. Otherwise, I'd be taking advantage of you! If you want to thank me, then you can prioritize my forging jobs in the future. Besides, I've always harbored ambitions of becoming a four-word battle armor; perhaps you'll already be a Divine Blacksmith by then, and I'll have to come to you again."

Xu Weitao insisted on giving Tang Wulin 20,000 accolades before departing.

Long Yuxue didn't depart with him, and she was currently appraising Tang Wulin with a peculiar look on her face.

Tang Wulin extended his Blood God Bracelet toward her, and said, "Here's your half; these accolades can't be used for promotions, but you can still buy things with them."

This workshop had been sponsored by Long Yuxue in the beginning, and it was agreed that they'd be splitting the profits evenly between one another. However

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