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"The new Golden Dragon King?" Tang Wulin was looking at Old Tang in a surprised manner. This was the first time that he'd heard Old Tang make such a bold declaration.

Old Tang chuckled in response, "Indeed! You will be the new Golden Dragon King. The essence of the Golden Dragon King is contained entirely within your body. This energy can take your life at any moment, but if you can completely absorb and digest it, then you will undoubtedly attain all of its power. However, I must warn you that you aren't absolutely safe even though you've attained a dragon core. The final nine Golden Dragon King seals contain the true power of the Golden Dragon King, and the first nine seals provided nothing more than a process for you to adjust to the Golden Dragon King's power.

"Don't be lured into a false sense of security, thinking that your dragon core will keep you safe from everything. With your current physical constitution, it's still going to be quite dangerous for you to break the 10th seal, but you should be ready by the time you manifest a soul core as well."

Tang Wulin was quite stunned to hear this. He had thought that with the drastic improvements in his physical constitution, it'd be an easy task for him to break the 10th seal. However, Old Tang's words clearly indicated that things weren't as optimistic as he'd imagined.

"But why, Old Tang? I feel like my physical constitution is already very powerful, especially now that I have a dragon core. Can't I just use my dragon core to directly absorb the essence of the Golden Dragon King?"

Old Tang shook his head, and replied in a serious voice, "It's nowhere near as easy as you think. I chose to awaken at this time solely because I wanted to caution you against excessive optimism. Not only do the final nine Golden Dragon King seals contain terrifying power, most importantly, they also contain shreds of the Golden Dragon King's will. No one knows what's contained within those shreds of will, but with how violent and ferocious the Golden Dragon King was, its will is definitely going to impact your psyche. As such, not only do you have to absorb the Golden Dragon King's energy, you also have to constantly make sure that you don't lose yourself to its power. Otherwise, it's quite possible that you could fall under the control of the Golden Dragon King's will."

Tang Wulin drew a sharp breath upon hearing this. He had always known that the Golden Dragon King seals within his body were extremely dangerous, but he didn't think that the final nine seals would be this perilous!

"What should I do then, Old Tang? If this essence contains the will of the Golden Dragon King, then wouldn't my spiritual power and mind also be impacted? How can such terrifying power..."

Old Tang clasped his hands behind his back, and said in a serious voice, "You have to realize that even in the Divine Realm, the Golden Dragon King was one of the most powerful first-rank gods."

Tang Wulin's heart

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