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However, that was exactly what he was doing, and the opposing long-range attacking mecha pilot was at a complete loss for what to think. They could only continue to run circles around Tang Wulin's mecha while unleashing a relentless string of cannon blast.

The long-range attacking mecha pilot was more than happy to engage in a battle of energy expenditure, as the melee combat mecha would definitely give out first if things were to continue like this. Even though that massive spear could detonate the oncoming cannon blasts, the resulting shockwaves from the explosions would chip away at the mecha's energy reserves.

Long-range attacking mechas had inferior defenses and speed compared to melee combat mechas, but they had far greater energy reserves in comparison, so a battle of energy expenditure played right into their hands.

At this moment, Tang Wulin's opponent was wondering how they'd been paired up with such a strange opponent. Had he entered the competition just to throw the match and get eliminated in the first round?

However, Tang Wulin's thought process was completely different. In his eyes, the relentless string of oncoming cannon blasts were targets that he could use to practice his spear techniques. He felt as if the trajectories of each and every spear thrust were being branded into his mind. After just a short while, he had already unleashed over 100 spear thrusts, so over 100 trajectories had been cemented into his mind.

This was an extremely intriguing feeling, and he repeated the process of drawing back his spear before thrusting it forward over and over again.

He was wielding the king of all weapons, and he had to walk his own path of regal dominance!

Both sides were constantly expending energy, and the melee combat mecha was constantly being bombarded by long-range attacks without making any attempt to take evasive measures. Even though it was merely standing on the spot and using its weapon to detonate enemy attacks, it was still expending energy at a far faster rate than its opponent. After about 10 minutes, Tang Wulin's mecha had become dangerously low on energy, and the light in the internal control room had turned red to warn him of this.

However, Tang Wulin still controlled his mecha to thrust its spear forward over and over again in a completely unflustered manner.

The Fury of the Masses had to be honed through countless identical spear strikes, and that was the essence of this technique.

Old Tang had told him that if he wanted to master this technique, he'd have to unleash at least 10,000,000 spear strikes during battle.

10,000,000 spear strikes, and all of them had to be unleashed during battles! That was an extremely enormous number. However, Tang Wulin wasn't daunted in the slightest by the task that lay ahead of him. This battle provided him with a perfect training opportunity.

"Beep beep beep!" An alert tone rang out, notifying him that his mecha's energy reserves had

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