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Tang Wulin had never fought Long Yuxue before. All he knew was that she possessed extremely powerful long-range offensive prowess. In particular, her control and timing when using soul weapons were both quite exemplary. However, he had no idea what her martial soul and exact soul power rank was.

As soon as the five soul rings emerged from beneath Long Yuxue's feet, Tang Wulin realized that she was an elemental Soul Master. Her martial soul was ice!

A series of ice spikes appeared around her body, making her look as if she were a massive ice hedgehog. The ice spikes were also impeding his field of view, so he couldn't see which one of her soul rings had lit up. The ground beneath her feet was quickly freezing, and a vast expanse of icy blue spread toward all directions. Despite the massive size of the competition platform, the temperature was plummeting rapidly.

Was this a domain? She was only a five-ring Soul King, yet she'd already attained a domain?

Good heavens! Why were there so many freaks in this legion? It was no wonder that she'd already become a lieutenant colonel at such a young age. As expected, this wasn't a case of dumb luck; she'd attained this rank through her own power!

Tang Wulin wasn't planning to lose this match, but he had to give her a handicap. He could tell that Long Yuxue's domain ability required some time to be unleashed, so he decided to give her the time she required.

"Hmm?" Tang Wulin's expression suddenly changed, and he was surprised to discover that Long Yuxue's domain was continuing to spread with no sign of stopping! After just a short while, a third of the entire competition platform had been encompassed by her domain.

This competition platform had a diameter of 500 meters! It was extremely spacious even for a mecha battle. Tang Wulin's Violent Golden Dragon Domain could only cover a diameter of around 100 meters, and a domain with a diameter of 500 meters covered far more than five times the area of a domain with a diameter of 100 meters.

The total area encompassed by Long Yuxue's domain had already far exceeded that of Tang Wulin's Violent Golden Dragon Domain, and what was even more remarkable was that her domain had a self-enhancing effect. The more the domain extended, the lower the temperature within the space became, and the lower temperatures helped the domain continue to expand.

What was she trying to do? Was she going to cover the entire competition platform in her domain? That was way too insane!

Tang Wulin was quite stunned by what he was seeing, but he still remained standing on the spot. He wanted to see just what Long Yuxue was capable of.

The temperature was still dropping steadily, and the ice spikes around Long Yuxue had already concealed her entire body. The area around Tang Wulin had become so cold that a drop of water would instantly freeze into ice. The water vapor being expelled as he breathed instantly froze into powdered ice, and the temperat

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