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He was taking this battle extremely seriously, and specks of golden light lit up all over his body as his spectacular Dragon Moon battle armor quickly appeared to encapsulate his entire body. After the golden visor rose up to obscure Tang Wulin's face, the aura emanating from his body instantly drew a slight change in Ling Wuyue's expression.

Her gaze reflexively focused on his right arm, and she naturally caught sight of his massive golden dragon claw.

In his Dragon Moon battle armor, Tang Wulin was close to three meters tall. A pair of massive dragon wings had spread open on his back, and his entire body was radiating dazzling golden light. His Golden Dragon Spear extended to its original size, and even the air around him was twisting and warping slightly.

Only now did Ling Wuyue begin to believe what Jiang Wuyue had told her. Jiang Wuyue had disclosed to her without any euphemisms that he was inferior to Tang Wulin in power, and that Tang Wulin's martial soul was also more powerful than his.

A streak of black light descended from the black mecha's chest before enshrouding Ling Wuyue's entire body. In the next instant, she had already been drawn into the black mecha. The black mecha began to emit a faint light, and its aura also abruptly began to swell at a dramatic rate following Ling Wuyue's entry.

Tang Wulin was carefully appraising Ling Wuyue's black mecha. He wanted to construct a black mecha for himself as well, so he'd been paying particularly close attention to mechas lately.

Ling Wuyue's black mecha was around eight meters tall. It was very sleek and appeared to be quite powerful. It wasn't carrying cumbersome long-range offensive weapons, and there was a pair of foldable wings on its back. The wings were currently in their folded state, so Tang Wulin couldn't see exactly what they looked like. However, what he did notice was that her black mecha had more than twice the number of propellers of normal black mechas, and there were even many of them on the front of the mecha.

There were two massive boomerangs on the mecha's back, and these ones were slightly smaller than the boomerangs that had been equipped to the generic mecha in the competition. The two boomerangs were inky-black in color, and no light was reflecting off them at all, indicating that a matte finish had been applied to them.

This black mecha seemed to have sacrificed all other offensive options and only retained this pair of boomerangs. That was a clear indication of just how confident Ling Wuyue was in those boomerangs of hers.

As the main weapons of a black mecha, Tang Wulin firmly believed that those two boomerangs definitely weren't any less powerful than her martial soul. He was going to face a true triple threat.

"Are you ready?" Ling Wuyue's voice rang out from the mecha's speakers.

"Please enlighten me!" Tang Wulin yelled as he raised his Golden Dragon Spear.

Ling Wuyue's black mecha sprang into action. It squatte

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