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Eight golden dragons rose up from the ground, and all of the Bluesilver Emperor vines gathered around them like devout worshipers. Only then did the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens finally explode, sending violent shockwaves surging toward all directions and sweeping up gusts of fierce winds within the competition venue.

The eight golden dragons flew away in different directions, Tang Wulin was feeling very elated as he abruptly let loose a thunderous roar. It was none other than his Golden Dragon Roar.

A massive golden dragon head that was three times larger than that of the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens appeared, and initially, this golden dragon head was only two meters in height. However, as the countless Bluesilver Emperor vines began to inject their energy into it, it abruptly swelled to over four meters tall.

The terrifying soundwaves made the entire competition platform tremor violently, and on this occasion, Tang Wulin failed to notice that this Golden Dragon Roar was being unleashed in Long Yuxue's direction.

Even though Long Yuxue was situated over 100 meters away from Tang Wulin, she could still feel an unparalleled scorching aura surging toward her in a frenzy. The fearsome soundwaves, the formidable spiritual impact, and the purple light being released from the giant dragon head's eyes instantly made her mind go completely blank.

She stumbled and almost fell onto the ground.

In the next instant, her simulated body was completely destroyed and vanished from the competition stage.

The Golden Dragon Roar was an attack that relied heavily on one's intent. Tang Wulin had been constantly practicing his spear techniques at the center of the competition stage, thereby elevating his aura to an unprecedented level. In conjunction, he had integrated his martial soul and bloodline power for the very first time to further enhance his aura, and all of that worked to significantly boost the power of his Golden Dragon Roar.

The entire space had just been shattered by the force of that Golden Dragon Roar, and Long Yuxue was completely caught off guard. She didn't even get an opportunity to react before she was evicted from the competition platform.

If they were in the real world, her battle armor would've automatically been released to protect her, but this was a simulated world, so her battle armor wouldn't appear unless she actively released it.

"Victory goes to Little Tang!"

Tang Wulin was still full of excitement when he was suddenly teleported out of the competition venue.

I won?

He looked down at his Golden Dragon Spear with a blank expression while quickly sifting back through his memories. Thus, he recalled the final moments of the match, during which his Golden Dragon Roar had completely detonated Long Yuxue's body.


He quickly logged off the battle net before clambering out of his Star Cabin in real life. He then immediately put on his military uniform before rushing

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