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He was naturally able to identify that Tang Wulin was only a Soul King, but it was exactly because of this that he was even more surprised. How could a mere Soul King possess such immense strength? That was what he was most perplexed about.

After hearing Tang Wulin's self-introduction, Zhang Huanyun's smile had completely disappeared. He was the captain of the current generation of Shrek's Seven Monster?

That meant that this young man was the most important seed left behind by Shrek Academy. It was no wonder that the Amorous Douluo had sent him to his Blood God Legion.

However, what was even more surprising to him was Tang Wulin's self-proclaimed ability to absorb abyssal energy. The fact that Blood One was prohibiting him from taking part in further battles was sufficient testament to just how valuable his ability was.

Zhang Huanyun had dedicated his entire life to the Blood God Legion, so this place held an extremely special place in his heart. He had also been battling abyssal creatures his entire life, so he was well aware of just how terrifying those enemies were. If they were to breach the defenses of the Blood God Legion, then they'd lay waste to the entire continent!

As such, his eyes immediately lit up after hearing about Tang Wulin's ability to prevent abyssal energy from being recycled. This was something that he was still unaware of!

He had just returned from the federation, and the Blood God Battalion was relatively independent of the legion. Furthermore, Blood One was someone who was an equal to him, and he hadn't met the Blood Gods yet following his return. As such, he was extremely intrigued to hear all of this.

"Give me a moment." Zhang Huanyun immediately pressed down on his Blood God Bracelet as he spoke.

His Blood God Bracelet was also different from the normal Blood God Bracelet. It was entirely crimson in color, but there was a golden line running around its entire circumference directly down the middle. This was a Blood God Bracelet that was exclusive to the legion commander; the vice-legion commander and the division commanders each had a silver line running around their bracelets instead.

The call connected very quickly. "Blood One, do you have time to meet me now? There's a kid here by the name of Tang Wulin; it's about time you told me about him, right?"

"You're already back? I was planning to tell you about him as soon as you returned from the federation. Are you in your office right now?" The Heartless Douluo's voice rang out in response.

"Yes, come on over," Zhang Huanyun replied.

Tang Wulin was slightly taken aback. He was only trying to leave a good lasting impression on the legion commander; he didn't think that even Blood One would be summoned to the scene. The fact that Blood One was coming to them rather than the other way around indicated that the legion commander ranked above Blood One! The Heartless Douluo was the master of the Tang Sect, but here in the Bloo

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