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Several dozens of Bluesilver Emperor vines shot forth at once as Tang Wulin activated his first soul skill, Bind!

Meanwhile, Between Four and Six's body instantly swelled in size as six soul rings abruptly appeared beneath his feet.

He was... looking rather familiar!

One Bluesilver Emperor vine shot forth after another, binding Between Four and Six tightly. Between Four and Six's body had already grown to around seven meters tall, and he thrashed about violently, using the Bluesilver Emperor vines to whip Tang Wulin up into the air before slamming him viciously down toward the ground.

What immense strength!

Tang Wulin immediately released his connection between those Bluesilver Emperor vines, and at the same time, the Bluesilver Impaling Array appeared on the ground before stabbing toward his opponent.

Between Four and Six's body stiffened slightly, but dark golden light then began to radiate from his body, and he recovered after less than a third of the time that the Bluesilver Impaling Array was normally supposed to restrict its target for. At this point, Tang Wulin had just sprung to his feet after rolling onto the ground to break his own fall, and his fourth soul ring immediately lit up, causing all of his Bluesilver Emperor vines to expand drastically in size.

He had learned to disguise his soul rings on the demonic island, and he was currently making it appear as if he had two yellow soul rings alongside three purples; it was a very normal soul ring configuration.

He unleashed his Bluesilver Overlord Transformation, then conjured up his Bluesilver Impaling Array again. The Bluesilver Emperor vines that erupted from the ground were far more massive than the previous ones, and the dark golden scales that had appeared all over Between Four and Six's was struck by an enormous force. As a result, he fell into a brief period of disorientation, and Tang Wulin stomped his left foot into the ground, propelling himself through the air like a cannonball.

His fist struck his opponent's chest, and in that instant, he felt as if he'd just punched a resolute city wall rather than a person.

However, his immense power still sent Between Four and Six flying through the air.

As opposed to charging forward to press his advantage, a faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "Greetings, Superior."

Between Four and Six had already recovered from the paralysis effect of the Bluesilver Impaling Array after he landed on the ground, and he was feeling rather speechless as he experienced the intense pain in his chest while witnessing the figure that was descending from above.

"Tang Wulin?"

"It's me." Tang Wulin released his Golden Dragon King bloodline aura with a faint smile on his face as he spoke, and Between Four and Six's bloodline was instantly completely dominated.

"Why the hell did I have to meet you here!" Between Four and Six was none other than Jiang Wuyue! Tang Wulin had already recognized him

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