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Just as he emerged from his room, Blood Three was also walking out of another room.

"Have you sensed it as well, Blood One? Is it him?" Blood Three's eyes were filled with surprise.

Blood One nodded with a smile on his face. "Indeed it is! Shrek's Seven Monsters have never been disappointments, and they'll only continue to create miracles in the future. He was chosen during such tumultuous times, and I believe he was given approval by the will of the heavens to revive Shrek Academy in its most dire time of need. Hence, I won't be surprised to see any miracle being created by him."

Blood Three heaved a long sigh as an elated look appeared on her face. "I can finally see a ray of hope now. I want to help him."

Blood One smiled, and said, "Let's go together."

The two of them stepped onto the elevator and emerged out of the building together. Blood Three glanced at Blood One, and the latter was already rising straight up into the air, arriving directly above the Blood God Legion base in virtually the blink of an eye.

With his lofty status in the Blood God Legion, he naturally wasn't going to be attacked by the legion's defense systems. He waved a hand through the air, and the violent bursts of energy flowing through the air instantly became a lot milder and gentler.

Blood Three also arrived beside him, and only when standing beside Blood One could she sense that the surrounding flows of energy were being severely twisted and warped under his control, and every time the energy was warped, a vast amount of natural energies would be drawn to the scene.

These natural energies were constantly being compressed and purified under Blood One's control, and a layer of white light began to appear around his body, making him appear as if he were a godly being as he hovered in mid-air.

All of the passersby in the Blood God Legion base down below all stopped in their tracks before looking up with astonished looks in their eyes.

Not many of them had actually met Blood One before, but the feat that he was accomplishing now was a sufficient testament to his powers.

Blood Three turned to Blood One with a concerned expression. "You're gathering this much? Will he be able to handle it?"

Blood One smiled, and replied, "Don't worry, his capacity is far greater than you can imagine. Have you forgotten the motto of your Shrek Academy? They only accept monsters, not ordinary people, and he's a monster among monsters, so this amount of natural energies is nothing to him. Even without my assistance, he'd still absorb just as much energy, but it'll take longer for him to do so."

Blood One extended his left hand down below as he spoke, and the white light around him immediately descended from the heavens toward Tang Wulin's dormitory room.

"Blood One, aren't you afraid that this will backfire?" Blood One and Blood Three weren't the only ones who had sensed that Tang Wulin was about to manifest a soul core; Zhang Huanyun h

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