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It wasn't too bad. At the very least, it wasn't horrendously weak.

While he was gauging the properties of his soul cannon, he also activated his propeller.

The propeller was behind the mecha, and it could help the mecha in flight, acceleration, and things like that.

Generally speaking, melee combat mechas were always slightly faster than long-range attacking mechas. The opposing mecha may have been bulkier, but in reality, melee combat mechas were actually lighter in weight as they didn't have to carry massive soul batteries in order to support long-range offensive output as long-range attacking mechas did.

As soon as Tang Wulin activated his propeller, his opponent also activated their propeller. If he'd been slower by even a split second, then the melee combat mecha would've rammed directly into him.

The two figures virtually brushed right past one another before opening up some distance again. On this occasion, both mechas had already flown up into the air.

The melee combat mecha had reacted extremely quickly; in the instant that it failed to crash into Tang Wulin, the mecha's claymore was immediately hurled through the air.

The claymore flew forth as a streak of black light, immediately catching up to Tang Wulin, who was just beginning to slow down following that burst of propulsion force. The melee combat mecha's timing and accuracy in its attacks were both exemplary.

What a powerful opponent this was!

Tang Wulin was quite surprised, but that didn't slow down his reactions in the slightest. According to the rules of mecha battles, if one's mecha were to be destroyed, they'd be handed a loss even if the pilot could still battle.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin's long-range attacking mecha bent down and completed a very strange maneuver. Its entire body twisted around in mid-air, and it gently raised the stock of its soul cannon upward to parry the claymore away.

At this point, the melee combat mecha had already begun its second acceleration, and was flying directly toward Tang Wulin.

"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!" Six balls of light shot forth almost completely in unison.

Tang Wulin had unleashed those attacks with his soul cannon despite the fact that his mecha had lost its balance in mid-air.

The six cannon blasts were like plum flower petals that were very beautiful to behold, and they directly cut off the melee combat mecha.

He hadn't immediately unleashed these cannon blasts right after he parried the claymore away. Instead, he launched these attacks during his opponent's second acceleration. After gaining speed through propulsion, it became a lot more difficult for melee combat mechas to change directions. If the mecha pilot were to forcibly change directions, not only would the mecha itself come under intense strain, the mecha pilot would also be dealt an extremely heavy blow. Only mecha pilots with extremely advanced handling skills and a powerful enough mecha at their d

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