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Tang Wulin didn't think that Xu Weitao would be so easy-going. Weren't all soldiers supposed to be quite strict and dogmatic? Xu Weitao's appearance epitomized that of the ideal soldier. He was extremely tall and broad, towering above even Tang Wulin, and he had a set of wide shoulders, as well as a set of hard facial features that looked as if they'd been chiseled out of stone. No matter how one looked at him, he didn't seem to be an easy-going man. His Blood Division consisted entirely of melee combat soldiers, and one only had to look at Jiang Wuyue's first battalion to get an indication of just how powerful this division was.

"I'm not sure that's appropriate, Superior," Tang Wulin said in a hesitant voice.

Xu Weitao chuckled, "There's nothing inappropriate about it. All of the people from the Blood God Battalion call me Old Man Xu; you can go and ask them if you don't believe me. Oh, actually, that's not true; only Blood Seven, Blood Eight, and Blood Nine call me Old Man Xu; everyone else calls me Little Xu."

Tang Wulin was rendered completely speechless. He was only a fringe member of the Blood God Battalion; how could he be compared with the actual Blood Gods?

Long Yuxue interjected, "Don't get hung up on the little details, Wulin; you can call him Uncle Xu just like I do. Open the door so we can go in."

She didn't have the key to the workshop, so she could only wait for Tang Wulin to open the door for them.

Tang Wulin hurriedly invited the two of them into the room.

Xu Weitao looked around at the forging room with a smile, and said, "I heard from Yuxue that you're a SaintBlacksmith; your skills would undoubtedly be extremely valuable to the entire legion. The vice-legion commander prohibited you from using your forging accolades for promotions in order to avoid envious reactions from everyone else in the legion, and I hope you can understand that. If you have any requirements or requests, feel free to tell me, and we'll do our best to satisfy you."

The higher-ups of the legion were feeling rather apologetic about their decision to prohibit Tang Wulin from earning promotions using his forging accolades. Furthermore, he was the only SaintBlacksmith in the entire legion, so even the highest-ranking officials in the legion would most likely require his services at one point or another.

Tang Wulin shook his head, and said, "It's alright, Uncle Xu, I understand why this rule was introduced. All of the other soldiers in the legion are earning accolades by putting their lives on the line during battles, so it's only right that they deserve promotions. In contrast, my forging is completely insignificant."

Despite what he was saying, there was a clear undertone of displeasure in his words.

He had honed his forging skills through countless hours of toil and hardships! He'd been forging ever since he was six years old, so he'd been a blacksmith for 15 years. Furthermore, he was also the youngest SaintBlack

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