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He exited the room and took a deep breath to repress his emotions before closing the door. Only then did he rise into the air and depart from the Scorching Basin.

A pair of tear-filled eyes looked on at his departing figure through the window, and the Demonic Greenbird was standing on her shoulder with its body slightly curled up into a ball.

Silver light flashed, and she also vanished in a soundless manner.

By the time Tang Wulin returned to the Blood God Legion, it was already very late into the night. After returning to his dormitory room, his mind was filled with thoughts of her.

Only after pulling out his Golden Dragon Spear and immersing himself in spear intent was he able to slowly enter a meditative state.

Separations were always followed by hope and anticipation for the next reunion.

If he could secure a good result during the competition and earn a promotion to the major rank, he'd be able to visit her on a regular basis. He had to work hard!

This two-day break had completely reinvigorated him and filled him with motivation.

No matter how much pressure was weighing down upon his shoulders, all of his exhaustion would be wiped away at the sight of Gu Yuena's sweet smile. He had to become more powerful so he could be with her someday. After he became powerful enough to stand at the pinnacle of this entire world, he would never have to worry about anyone forcibly separating him from Gu Yuena ever again.

He cultivated for the entire night, and the competition resumed the next day.

After logging on to the Star Battle Net, Tang Wulin discovered that the text above his head had changed again. The silver and golden arrows had both changed into triangles, and they were also glowing brighter than before.

These were most likely symbols that indicated that he'd progressed to the round-robin stage in both Soul Master and mecha battles.

Something else that he noticed was that as he made his way through the crowd, many of the people around him would naturally turn to observe him after noticing the symbols above his head, and there were very few people like him with two symbols above their heads.

Could people enter the battle net even if they weren't competing?

Tang Wulin also quickly discovered that the number of people in the western competition region sports stadium definitely far exceeded the number of competitors.

Just like in the elimination stage, the Soul Master and mecha battles were also held on alternating days during the round-robin stage.

There were only a total of 64 people who had made it to the round-robin stage, and only half of them were going to be eliminated. However, the number of people present was definitely more than 10 times that!

"Esteemed round-robin stage contestant, during the round-robin stage, spectators will be permitted to enter the competition venue. Anyone can issue a set amount of federal credits to spectate the matches, and you can also spectate o

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