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During the next week, Tang Wulin learned all types of information about the abyss under Long Yuxue's tutelage.

An entirely different race from another plane was involved here, so there were many things that he had to learn. For example, he had to learn about the species in this race, their innate abilities, and their battle styles, as well as all of the important details about battling in the abyssal passageway.

However, this type of special training was extremely easy for Tang Wulin, and with his memory and comprehension abilities, he was able to absorb all of this knowledge very quickly.

Much to Long Yuxue's surprise, not only was Tang Wulin freakishly strong and extremely handsome, his thought processes were also very clear. He could always immediately commit everything she said to memory and even make deductions on his own, as well as raise some questions that even she had never considered before. There were some things that she had to consult her father about before being able to provide him with the correct answer.

During this week, the two of them also became quite familiar with one another. At the same time, Tang Wulin also gained a better understanding of the current situation of the Blood God Legion.

The Blood God Legion was referred to as a legion, but it actually only had enough soldiers to fill two divisions. One of them was known as the Blood Division, which entailed an unyielding spirit and the willingness to fight until the very last drop of their blood ran out. They were mainly responsible for direct battle against the abyssal creatures, and the commander of the Blood Division was Xu Weitao.

The other division was the Divine Division, which consisted of all of the special forces. These included mecha battalions, as well as personnel who were responsible for handling heavy artillery, defenses, and other areas of assistance.

Even though there were only two divisions in the entire legion, each of the divisions had five corps, so they could be considered to be independent divisions. Tang Wulin had seen very few people in this base, but in reality, the entire Blood God Legion had over 25,000 people if all of the soldiers and logistical personnel were taken into account. They didn't have as many people as a standard legion, but all of them were the elite of the elite.

Normally speaking, major legions like the Northesea Legion were each comprised of around 100,000 people. The fact that the Blood God Legion was known as a legion even with only 25,000 members was a testament to both their importance and combat abilities.

Long Yuxue had told Tang Wulin in a very proud manner that if the Blood God Legion wanted to, it could definitely demolish any other legion in the federation with ease.

The harsh conditions and frequent battles here had honed the soldiers of the legion to be truly fearsome beings.

The special service department that Tang Wulin had been assigned to was part of the Divine Divisi

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