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Long Yuxue raised her head to look at Tang Wulin with a meaningful expression in her eyes, and she bit down on her lower lip at the sight of the positive smile on his face.

"I'm sorry."

Tang Wulin chuckled, "What are you apologizing for? This is a decision from our higher-ups."

Long Yuxue suddenly became quite vehement as she said, "But if I hadn't told my father about this, you'd at least be able to use these accolades for promotions before they found out; you'd at least be a major now!"

Tang Wulin made her way over to her, and said, "It's alright, Superior; I'm sure I'll be able to become a major quite quickly through battle anyway. If you want to help me, then take me to battle in the abyss as soon as you can."

Long Yuxue nodded, and said, "We should be getting into the practical battle stage of your special training anyway. Our special service department has a special right to enter the abyss, so I'll take you there tomorrow. You have quite a sizable number of accolades now, so we'll go and buy some equipment tomorrow as well."


The next morning, Tang Wulin hadn't even finished cultivating his Purple Demon Eyes before Long Yuxue came to his living quarters to find him. Beneath that cold exterior of hers was a really kind soul!

"Superior." Tang Wulin hurriedly made his way downstairs.

"Let's go, I'll take you to the commissariat." Long Yuxue seemed to have already mentally recovered, and she was looking completely reinvigorated after a good night's rest.

The commissariat was responsible for all of the equipment in the legion, and when Tang Wulin and Long Yuxue arrived, there were some employees there, but no other soldiers of the Blood God Legion.

"We're here to buy some equipment." Long Yuxue displayed her Blood God Bracelet.

"Please select what you'd like to purchase." An electronic touch screen appeared before both of them.

Long Yuxue explained, "Some pieces of equipment are mandatory, such as abyssal shielding barriers. Only with this device can you not be affected by the destructive aura of the abyssal plane, thereby allowing you to use your martial soul. Otherwise, your martial soul would be virtually inaccessible to you. This is a piece of standard equipment, so it's quite cheap; it'll only cost you 100 accolades, but in reality, the federation expended a vast amount of money to develop these things."

She chose a headband-like object for Tang Wulin as she spoke. That was most likely the abyssal shielding barrier that she'd been referring to.

"Next, you need to choose some protective equipment, such as a spatial rectifier. After being activated, that device will instantly warp the surrounding space. When you find yourself surrounded by abyssal beings, it'll play an important role in warping space in order to create an opportunity for you to escape. Oh, and you'll be needing this as well. It's a masking singlet, and after you put it on, it'll release fluctuations akin

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