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Under these circumstances, Tang Wulin's powers had been boosted significantly, and he was able to maintain an extremely high level of combat prowess through his constant absorption of abyssal energy. Furthermore, the constant influx of energy had completely stabilized his newly-attained dragon core, and it was slowly expanding in size while acting as the core of all of the blood essence power within his body.

Tang Wulin had been fighting at the very front this entire time not just for the legion, but also for his own sake. Even though there weren't potent sources of energy like Black Empresses for him to take advantage of, the sheer quantity of enemies far made up for the lack of quality.

The abyssal creatures being destroyed by the long-range attacks unleashed from the back released vast amounts of abyssal energy, and a large portion of that energy was directly absorbed by him. Only the streams of energy that were quite far away from him managed to escape. In essence, it was as if two battalions of soldiers were helping him hunt down these abyssal creatures, allowing him to constantly absorb their energy for himself. His dragon core benefited immensely through this process, and Tang Wulin could sense that the golden color within his body was becoming more and more vibrant.

His body gradually developed a rather bloated sensation, clearly indicating that he'd absorbed too much energy in one go, but his dragon core was like an insatiable black hole that was constantly absorbing this energy before using it to enhance his body.

This was a brilliant opportunity for him, so of course he wasn't willing to back down. If his dragon core were to continue to grow more powerful, he was sure that the agony that he'd have to experience when breaking his future Golden Dragon King seals would be significantly nullified.

All of a sudden, just as Tang Wulin was plunging his spear through the body of a massive abyssal creature, a burst of frosty intent appeared without any premonition. His Spirit Abyss realm spiritual power immediately alerted him, and his entire body shuddered as he flapped his wings to instantly hurtle back in retreat without any hesitation. At the same time, he unleashed his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens with his Golden Dragon Spear, and also activated his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body.

In the next instant, a frosty aura abruptly appeared before him, and the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens was split clean down the middle by that burst of frosty intent. Not only that, but the frosty intent crashed directly into his Golden Dragon Spear as well.

The overwhelming power of the attack slammed the Golden Dragon Spear into Tang Wulin's body before the frosty intent struck his chest.

His Dragon Moon battle armor flashed urgently, but much to Tang Wulin's surprise, he still felt as if his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body was on the brink of being shattered.

This was the first time that he'd ever felt so vulnerable after atta

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