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Long Yuxue continued as she walked, "The troops stationed here are changed once every month, and there are a total of 10 corps in our legion with around 1,500 soldiers per corps. This is the main battle unit; units like our special service department are separate from this and are considered to be a part of the assistance battle unit. The rest are the logistical and research personnel, which add up to around 10,000 people in total. Hence, the total number of people in the legion has always added up to somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000 people. For newbies like you, even if you join the main battle unit, you'll only be a backup soldier.

"The experience that we've accumulated during the past several thousand years have allowed us to drastically decrease the number of casualties compared to in the past. Generally speaking, after a month of special training, a newbie will go through a year during which they'll be a backup soldier. Only after progressing past this one-year period will a newbie truly be allowed to step onto the battlefield. Your situation is rather special as you're quite powerful, and that was why you were assigned to the special service department. This was also an arrangement made with the intention of getting you to familiarize yourself with battling in the abyss as quickly as possible.

Only after passing through three more points that were guarded by soldiers did they truly enter the abyssal passageway.

The lights up ahead had become very dim and faint compared to the light behind them.

"This light comes from the abyssal passageway. We're currently in a C-tier passageway, so we shouldn't encounter any overly powerful abyssal creatures; you'll definitely be able to handle them. Facing real abyssal creatures is going to be a little different from battling them in simulations. Have you ever fought real soul beasts? Probably not. Have you participated in any competitions? In any case, just remember that all battles you fight against abyssal creatures are battles of life and death, so you absolutely can't afford to hold back. You also have to be extremely vigilant and take advantage of any opportunities that come your way. This is not a drill."

Even though Tang Wulin had brilliant power and aptitude, Long Yuxue had seen many exceptional prodigies struggle to adjust after coming to the Blood God Legion. The continent had always been in a period of peace, so there weren't really any opportunities for Soul Masters to engage in real battles. In contrast, this was a true battlefield between humans and abyssal creatures, and it was certainly no joke. As such, she was presenting constant reminders to Tang Wulin in an attempt to make him take this situation seriously and not grow complacent through arrogance. Arrogant people were often the ones who died the quickest.

Tang Wulin gave no reply and merely nodded in response.

After advancing for around another kilometer, Tang Wulin estimated that they had already tra

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