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There was naturally a reason why there were no people lining up at the first, second, and third windows. The accolades in the Blood God Legion were recorded as number values, and one portion of food from the first window cost the same number of accolades one could expect to earn from a low-intensity battle. To put it in simpler terms, the cost of one portion of food from the first window was enough to promote a third-rank soldier to a second-rank soldier. The number of accolades required to promote one up each successive rank was vastly different, but this was still sufficient testament to just how expensive the food at the first window was.

Even though accolades were required to purchase food at the cafeteria, there was always enough for everyone, and just one portion of food from the first window was enough to feed a big eater. However, over 10 portions had already been prepared, and even as a lieutenant colonel, this would take a sizable chunk out of Jiang Wuyue's savings.

"What the hell are you doing?" Jiang Wuyue asked in a furious manner.

Tang Wulin turned to him with an innocent expression. "Superior, didn't you say that I can eat until I'm full?"

Jiang Wuyue's fury immediately abated slightly. "I did indeed say that, but you can't waste food! Don't you know that embezzlement and waste are the biggest crimes?"

Tang Wulin immediately replied in a serious manner, "Don't worry, Superior, I definitely won't waste this."

"You're telling me you can eat all of this? Let me remind you that the dishes from the first window have spirit items included, so they're extremely nutritious. There's no way that you can eat this much, and even if you can, you'll die from indigestion!"

Tang Wulin smiled, and suggested, "How about this, Superior? Let's make another bet; if I can finish all of this, then my next meal..."

"Piss off! I'm not making such a stupid bet with you! Hurry and return all of this food!" Jiang Wuyue was starting to get angry now.

An indifferent voice sounded from inside the first window. "No returns allowed. Pay up, Battalion Commander Jiang. You said it yourself; you lost the bet, so you have to pay for his meal."

Jiang Wuyue's lips twitched upon hearing this. An extremely enormous amount of accolades was required to be promoted from lieutenant colonel to colonel, and he'd already been saving up for more than a year, but he was still only around a third of the way there. This meal alone would cost 10% of all of his savings, so he was naturally very reluctant to pay for it.

However, Tang Wulin didn't care about that. He was already digging in to his meal while still standing in front of the window.

He didn't know what kind of ingredients had been used in these dishes, but they were definitely not inferior to Teacher Mu Ye's cooking. In particular, there was a fowl dish with extremely delicious and juicy flesh, and the soup was so delicious that he almost swallowed his own tongue in his eage

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