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"Boom!" The greyish-black energy struck in less than a minute, causing the blue light barrier to flicker and waver while the entire abyssal cave tremored and quaked. However, this blue light barrier possessed far superior defensive prowess compared to the one that was the first defensive line, and it remained completely resolute and unmoved in the face of the attack.

Tang Wulin turned to Long Yuxue, and asked, "What happens next?"

Long Yuxue replied, "Generally speaking, abyssal tides always begin with an assault of destructive energy, and that destructive energy will bring large numbers of abyssal creatures along with it. After that, a full-frontal assault would ensue. The protective barrier can keep the destructive energy at bay, but maintaining the barrier requires a vast amount of energy expenditure. Hence, as soon as the destructive energy from the abyssal tide disappears, we have to immediately deactivate the protective barrier in case another wave of destructive energy strikes. Our legion will then have to battle the abyssal creatures; so you should take a quick rest now because we'll definitely be facing a fierce battle soon!"

Long Yuxue dragged Tang Wulin over to a corner as she spoke, then withdrew her miniature mecha before sitting down on the ground with her legs crossed to meditate.

Tang Wulin also withdrew his suit of battle armor, and due to the fact that they were from the special service department, no one approached them to ask any questions. There were already large numbers of Blood God Legion soldiers pouring into the area, and all of the soldiers at the front were adept in melee combat and wearing thick and heavy mechas. Meanwhile, all types of soul cannons had been set up behind them, and many long-range attacking soldiers stood at the ready.

At this moment, Tang Wulin caught sight of an acquaintance; it was none other than Jiang Wuyue.

Jiang Wuyue wasn't wearing a mecha at the moment, so he was only in his white military uniform, and he was instructing the soldiers in the front row to organize them into set formations.

All of the energy that Tang Wulin had expended earlier had been replenished by his Golden Dragon Spear, so he was very much ready for battle. He took a glance at Long Yuxue before rising to his feet and making his way over to Jiang Wuyue.

His forte lay in melee combat, and Jiang Wuyue was in charge of a melee combat battalion, so he'd be able to make better use of his skills under Jiang Wuyue.

"Superior!" Tang Wulin arrived beside Jiang Wuyue before extending a military salute toward him.

Jiang Wuyue was hurriedly issuing one instruction after another, and he immediately faltered slightly at the sight of Tang Wulin. "Why are you here? Aren't you a newbie?"

Tang Wulin replied, "Superior Long brought me here for practical combat training, and we were in there until the abyssal tide struck."

Jiang Wuyue's heart stirred, and he suddenly asked in a low voice, "That

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