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The senior colonel faltered slightly at the sight of his Blood God Bracelet before abruptly raising his head. "You're from the Blood God Battalion?"

Tang Wulin nodded in response. "Blood God Battalion fringe member, Tang Wulin, reporting for duty!"

The senior colonel examined his Blood God Bracelet, and said, "Your Blood God Bracelet contains two types of accolades, the second of which is battle accolades. You only participated in one day of the battle, so you only get accolades for that one day. In total, you earned... 16,800 accolades?"

His voice suddenly rose a few octaves, and after some calculations, he continued, "In addition to the accolades you receive from standardization as a melee combatant, you've earned a total of 21,400 accolades."

Tang Wulin's eyes immediately lit up. Over 20,000 accolades? And these were battle accolades, not accolades earned through forging!

He had received so many accolades because he'd constantly been fighting at the very front during the battle, and there was no lack of powerful abyssal creatures like Ba'ans that had perished in the face of his Golden Dragon Spear. This was why he'd received over 10,000 accolades prior to standardization, even though he'd only fought on the first day. At the same time, he also received some accolades as a reward for forcing that Black Empress into retreat.

Different amounts of accolades were given for different levels of abyssal creatures, and for creatures like Demonic Enchantresses and Black Empresses, one would receive accolades as a reward just for being able to battle them for set periods of time.

"You joined the Blood God Battalion?" Long Yuxue was just about to head to her promotion ceremony when she quickly rushed back before grabbing onto Tang Wulin's hand. She stared at the thorned Blood God Bracelet on his wrist, and a strong sense of envy appeared in her eyes.

Everyone in the Blood God Legion knew that they weren't the main guardians of the abyssal passageway. Instead, that duty fell upon the shoulders of the nine Blood Gods of the Blood God Battalion. After officially becoming a Blood God, one would immediately be elevated to the major general rank. This meant that they were constantly required to remain in the legion, but it was a scintillating honor for someone to become a Blood God, and even their descendants would benefit from this as the federation would give them special benefits.

All descendants of a Blood God within three generations had many special rights in the federation, and Blood Gods themselves had fringe voting rights in the federal parliament.

They were the true guardians of the federation, and they were revered by countless people.

Tang Wulin replied in a natural manner, "I'm just a fringe member."

A peculiar look immediately appeared on Long Yuxue's face. The Blood God Battalion obviously didn't just consist of the nine Blood Gods; some exceptional members of the Blood God Legion were enlisted as

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