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Just as Tang Wulin was basking in his elation, a dull thump suddenly rang out, and one of the mechas up ahead was sent flying back along with its massive shield without any premonition.

Jiang Wuyue's expression immediately changed as he rushed over to the mecha, using his own body to oppose it.

The two crashed into one another, yet even Jiang Wuyue's strength wasn't enough to stop the mecha, and both of them began to fly back toward the long-range attacking units together.

At this moment, Tang Wulin sprang into action as he activated his Body Sect blood essence power, then stomped his feet into the ground to propel his body forward. He caught Jiang Wuyue in mid-air with both hands and forcibly arrested his and the mecha's momentum.

However, after they landed on the ground, they discovered that the mecha's shield had already been completely shattered, and the mecha was also lying limply on the ground with sparks flashing all over its body. After opening the hatch, it was discovered that the two mecha pilots had already perished with blood streaming out of all seven of their orifices.

A black mecha immediately rushed forward to block the opening, and Tang Wulin caught sight of a figure that vanished in a flash.

This was a tall and slender woman whose entire body was covered in a layer of dark purple scales. There was a pair of wings on her back, and bone claws on the upper tips of those wings. Her eyes were flashing with an unsettling black light, and many of the soul energy attacks aimed at her would fizzle out on their own after reaching within three meters of her, thereby rendering them completely unable to unleash their power.

"We've got a Black Empress on our hands! Look out, everyone! Call for a Titled Douluo to face this thing!" Jiang Wuyue roared at the top of his lungs.

Right at this moment, the black mecha that had filled in the gap was also sent flying toward Tang Wulin and Jiang Wuyue. The winged woman immediately flashed through the opening that she'd just created before appearing in the rear. She waved both hands through the air, and a ball of black energy immediately erupted, sending over 10 of the mechas around her flying and creating a massive opening in the defensive line.

All of the backup battle armor masters immediately rushed forward without even requiring a command from Jiang Wuyue.

Jiang Wuyue let loose a roar of fury and also charged toward the woman.

This was the first time that Tang Wulin had seen such a living being. It bore a strong resemblance to a human woman, and its facial features were very beautiful. Even its figure was extremely voluptuous and seductive. However, it was over three meters tall, and the black scales all over her body were shimmering with an eerie light.

Black Empresses and Demonic Enchantresses were all top-grade abyssal creatures, and they were also among the smallest of the top-grade abyssal creatures, thereby allowing them to pass through the aby

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