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"That's right, this is the quickest way to accumulate accolades. Of course, not everyone had to follow this path; everything also depends on our own abilities. We've already conducted a preliminary examination of your abilities during the trial, and in the coming month, I'll be assessing your abilities even further in order to be able to assign you the missions that will suit you the most. The main advantage of our special service department over the battle units is that we can enter the abyssal passageway to conduct missions and battle whenever we want."

"I understand now." Tang Wulin nodded in response.

Following Long Yuxue's introduction, he'd finally gained a rough understanding of the Blood God Legion. The existence of the abyssal plane naturally evoked a grim feeling in his heart, but it also presented him with an opportunity.

During his battle with the Ba'an, his Golden Dragon Spear had devoured its energy, and that had been immensely beneficial to his bloodline. As such, it appeared that even though abyssal creatures were filled with destructive intent, the energy within their bodies was very pure, and he could absorb this energy for himself after it was extracted and purified by his Golden Dragon Spear.

Under normal circumstances, there was no way that his Golden Dragon Spear would be able to absorb the life force of other living beings to assist him in his cultivation. That didn't work with humans, and there weren't any soul beasts for him to kill, so neither of those options were viable. However, in the face of these destructive abyssal creatures that were endangering the entire human world, Tang Wulin had no such qualms.

Through his battles with abyssal creatures, he could use his Golden Dragon Spear to absorb their energy into his own body. This didn't enhance his soul power much, but it was considerably beneficial for his bloodline power, and it was even comparable to consuming spirit items. Where else could he find such a brilliant opportunity?

Being part of the Blood God Legion naturally placed him in more danger than if he were in another legion, but it also presented him with a brilliant opportunity.

From a money-saving perspective, if he could continue to enhance himself by absorbing the energy of these abyssal creatures, he may even be able to break his future Golden Dragon King seals without having to purchase any spirit items for consumption.

This was an extremely rare situation for him as he always had to face an extremely massive risk whenever he broke one of those seals. Furthermore, the second nine Golden Dragon King seals were far more perilous than the previous nine, and he had no idea what to expect. Only after breaking his 10th seal would he be able to gauge just how fearsome the rest of the Golden Dragon King seals would be.

Old Tang had been hibernating this entire time, and he'd prepared most of the spirit items required to break the 10th seal. Furthermore, he had also eaten c

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