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"Alright, no need for formalities; I'm speaking to you right now as a man, not your superior," Jiang Wuyue said in a serious voice.

Tang Wulin didn't even have to use his brain to know why Jiang Wuyue was confronting him, and a wry smile appeared on his face. "Alright, what do you want?"

Jiang Wuyue cut straight to the chase. "I'm challenging you to a one-on-one battle! If you win, I'll stay away from you, but if you lose... if you lose, I'll..."His voice faltered as he scratched his head with his brows deeply furrowed.

Tang Wulin had thought that he would ask him to stay away from Long Yuxue if he lost.

Jiang Wuyue murmured to himself, "Well, Yuxue's not an object, so I can't just ask you to hand her over to me. Screw it! I don't like the look of you, so fight! I wanna kick your ass; it's as simple as that! Do you dare to accept my challenge? Come with me to the combat rooms right now!"

Tang Wulin almost burst into laughter. This guy was adorably straightforward. "Superior, I have to tell you something first; I already have a girlfriend. Superior Long and I are just friends, so it's not what you think. Secondly, I can let you beat me up even without retaliating, but you have to give me 100 accolades per punch, how about that?"

Jiang Wuyue faltered slightly upon hearing this. "You already have a girlfriend?"

An enraged look then appeared on his face as he interrogated, "You're not planning to take both of them at once, are you?"

Tang Wulin didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. It was really tiresome speaking with a man as straightforward as Jiang Wuyue was!

"Alright, I'll fight you, Superior, but we can't bet on the terms you proposed. We can't just have a casual fight, either, so how about we bet accolades instead? You can suggest a number."

Jiang Wuyue raised an eyebrow in response. "Accolades? You don't have any accolades to make bets with!"

Tang Wulin replied, "I don't have any now, but that doesn't mean I won't have any in the future. I've been promoted to a second lieutenant as a newbie, and that's a testament to my potential. If I lose, I'll hand over the accolades after I earn some."

Jiang Wuyue thought about this for a moment before agreeing, "Alright, I'll pay for the combat room rental fee, and I'll bet 1,000 accolades with you, deal?"

Tang Wulin countered, "1,000? That's not a lot."

10,000 accolades were required for a promotion from second lieutenant to lieutenant.

What did that equate to? Killing one four-clawed bat was worth 10 accolades, so he'd have to kill 1,000 of them to earn 10,000 accolades. Meanwhile, each Ba'an that was slain would yield 2,000 accolades. If there were multiple people battling together, the Blood God Legion had a designated system to split the contribution points among these people according to how much they contributed during the battle.

"1,000 is still too little? You're just a newbie; you may not even be able to save up that much in

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