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Jiang Wuyue had already been reduced to such a sorry state by Tang Wulin before he had used the power of his golden soul rings; if he were to use his most powerful soul ring now, there was no way that Jiang Wuyue would be able to defend himself!

However, Tang Wulin merely smiled and ignored Jiang Qiyue's panicked cry.

A golden halo spread from beneath his feet, quickly proliferating outward. Tang Wulin strode toward Jiang Wuyue's direction, and soon, the golden halo that seemed to be filled with complex patterns had enshrouded Jiang Wuyue within.

Almost at the exact same moment, Jiang Wuyue let loose an extremely boisterous dragon's roar, and the back of his massive body also instantly straightened.

His black scales turned into a dark golden color, and all of his fear and inferiority instantly vanished as his blank mind was filled with extreme excitement.

At this moment, Jiang Wuyue felt as if his blood had been set alight, and his soul power was multiplying at a rapid rate. He had never felt so powerful in his life, and the overflowing power within his body struck him with the urge to tear heaven and earth apart with his bare hands!

"Roar! Roar! Roar!" A string of enraged roars erupted out of his mouth, and the dark golden color on his body glowed brighter and brighter, making it look as if he'd been entirely basked within a vast expanse of golden light. Even his six soul rings had taken on a faint golden color.

He reflexively glanced at his own body to find that his Tyrant Dragon scales, which had originally been quite uneven, had become a lot more uniform than before. They now resembled even and uniform rhomboids, and the dark golden light seemed to have given his scales more substance. What was even more exhilarating to Jiang Wuyue was the sense of overwhelming strength that was relentlessly surging out of his body. Even if he were to face a Ba'an right now, he'd be confident in his ability to tear it apart.

After breaking his ninth Golden Dragon King seal, Tang Wulin discovered that all four of his Golden Dragon King soul skills had evolved, and this was something that had never happened before. The soul skill that had evolved most prominently was his fourth soul skill, the Violent Golden Dragon Domain. The area of his domain had increased by over twofold, and its effects had also become more potent.

Jiang Wuyue was enhanced so significantly by Tang Wulin's domain as his Tyrant Dragon bloodline was extremely close to Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline, and his powers had increased by more than 50%.

There was an extremely drastic change from being dominated by Tang Wulin's bloodline to being enhanced by it instead.

Tang Wulin withdrew his golden soul rings, and said, "Let's stop here for today, Superior."

Without the enhancements from the golden soul rings, all of Jiang Wuyue's enhanced power instantly vanished, and his scales returned to normal, as did his aura. However, the pain that

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