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He stood on the spot and fell into a completely calm and silent state. Even when faced with such a simple task, he still treated it with caution and a serious attitude. This was a gesture of his respect toward forging itself.

The best furnace always ensured a quick calcination process, and when the barrel rose up onto his forging bench again, it was already red hot. Even the temperature in the forging room had risen significantly.

Tang Wulin spread open his arms, and his pair of soul refined Heavy Silver Hammers immediately appeared in his hands. He brought his right arm down without any preparatory movements.


One side of the barrel was completely flattened...

"Argh!" Long Yuxue couldn't help but let loose a cry of surprise.

It's over!

Even Lu Ni couldn't help but furrow her brows upon seeing this.

She had had her cannon barrel repaired by blacksmiths on many occasions, and the process wasn't very complex. After being calcined to a high temperature, the barrel would be adjusted back to its original shape using a mold, then solidified and cooled. Purple Iron was a very strong material in itself, so it could be calcined on many occasions without any issues.

However, Tang Wulin had immediately flattened one side of the barrel with a single hammer strike. It was certainly an indication that he possessed immense strength, but was he really repairing the barrel? Wasn't this destruction instead? After flattening the barrel, it wouldn't be a simple task to repair it back to its original shape. This man was quite confident, but he didn't seem to be very reliable!

"What are you doing, Wulin?" Long Yuxue couldn't help but yell in a horrified manner.

However, Tang Wulin seemed to have not heard her at all. His Heavy Silver Hammers fell at a rapid rate, and after a few resounding booms, the cylindrical cannon barrel had been completely flattened.

Long Yuxue couldn't help but bury her face into her hand as she couldn't bear to watch this any longer.

"I'm sorry, Sister Lu Ni; I'll, I'll buy you another one. I really didn't know things were going to turn out like this..."

She was full of remorse that she'd been led into trusting Tang Wulin's forging abilities.

A wry smile also appeared on Lu Ni's face. Her cannon barrel hadn't been very expensive to make, but she'd used it for a long time and naturally developed an attachment to it. The fact that it had been ruined by Tang Wulin in such a brutal manner made her feel quite uncomfortable. Even as easy-going as she was, she couldn't help but develop a very negative first impression of Tang Wulin.

He was clearly just bluffing when he didn't have any skills! And what was that nonsense about three plans? It was all just a laughable joke!

"Thump, thump, thump!" Tang Wulin's hammers fell in an extremely constant and rhythmic manner. His hammer blows came thick and fast, and during the brief conversation between Long Yuxue and Lu Ni, the cannon

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