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Tang Wulin fought alongside Jiang Wuyue, and they acted as the spearhead of the melee combat battalions, keeping all of the most powerful abyssal creatures at bay. After slaying four Ba'ans in rapid succession, they had almost forced the abyssal creatures all the way to the entrance of the passageway.

Tang Wulin was thoroughly enjoying himself, slaying one abyssal creature after another while his Golden Dragon Spear drew a relentless stream of greyish-black energy into his body.

His body displayed the most pronounced reaction when killing Ba'ans, and his dragon core began to glow brightly due to the enormous influx of energy.

Compared to the energy that was being absorbed by his blood essence vortex, the energy currently being absorbed by his dragon core was being compressed by about a hundredfold, thereby transforming it into the most essential form of energy.

The influx of energy seemed to be smaller because it was so severely compressed, but Tang Wulin could clearly sense that his dragon core was increasing in size.

This process was very slow, but only the most essential energy that had been compressed by a hundredfold could contribute to gradually enlarging the dragon core.

Tang Wulin really enjoyed being on the battlefield. He had almost been killed by that abyssal emperor, but with the Blood God protecting overhead, he had nothing to fear. Even if he were to encounter powerful abyssal creatures like Demonic Enchantresses and Black Empresses, he would still be able to match them in battle.

His Violent Golden Dragon Domain had also completely stimulated the battle intent in the hearts of the soldiers around him, and the troops of the melee combat battalions were like prides of fierce lions that were completely dominating the abyssal creatures.

"Don't you ever get tired?" Jiang Wuyue asked after sending an abyssal creature flying with his hammer.

The Violent Golden Dragon Domain had been maintained for over 40 minutes already, yet Tang Wulin only seemed to be growing more powerful.

In the beginning, Jiang Wuyue's massive hammers granted him greater range, so he was able to kill far more abyssal creatures than Tang Wulin did. However, as his soul power and energy began to wane, his position relative to Tang Wulin's gradually changed.

Now, Tang Wulin was situated up ahead while Jiang Wuyue was slightly behind him. No abyssal creature could last more than an instant against his Golden Dragon Spear, and he was like an invincible War God with golden light shimmering around his body.

Jiang Wuyue had always thought that his own physical fitness was quite exceptional, but even he was starting to grow quite weary, yet Tang Wulin's aura wasn't diminishing in the slightest. Instead, he was like a fine wine that was only becoming better with time.

"I'm alright, I should be able to maintain my domain for a while longer. There really does seem to be no end to these abyssal creatures though! Come to think

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