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If he were to purely enhance his own physical constitution by consuming spirit items, then that would be far too wasteful.

Long Yuxue held her gun as she stood behind him, and she was quite reassured at the sight of his broad shoulders, as well as the calmness he displayed while killing those Engulfment Lizards. He wasn't fearful in the slightest even in the face of an actual battle, so he clearly possessed a lot of practical battle experience. Not bad!

Tang Wulin looked down at his Blood God Bracelet. He had slain three Engulfment Lizards, and that had earned him 30 accolades.

Tang Wulin continued onward, and Engulfment Lizards sprang toward them relentlessly, only to be converted into energy and accolades for him. After passing through a tunnel that was around 500 meters long, Tang Wulin had killed over 40 Engulfment Lizards, earning close to 500 accolades. This was his first relatively substantial haul earned through battle in the abyss.

The more Long Yuxue observed him from behind, the more astonished she became. The combat prowess that Tang Wulin had displayed when facing these Engulfment Lizards was extremely stable, and all of his attacks struck either the eyes or the heads of these lizards. The heads of Engulfment Lizards were comparable in hardness to certain alloys, but his Golden Dragon Spear was able to pierce through them without any trouble as if they were made of tofu.

What incredible melee combat prowess!

Long Yuxue was gradually able to relax a little, and the two of them arrived at the second node in this passageway.

Compared to the previous node, this one was slightly larger. It was a cave with a diameter of over 50 meters, and the spatial energy fluctuations in the surrounding area were quite intense.

As soon as Tang Wulin entered the node, he was greeted by the sight of a pair of greyish-white eyes that were filled with deathly energy.

This was a massive Engulfment Lizard that was more than 10 times the size of the Engulfment Lizard that they'd fought before this. Its body was over seven meters long, and was entirely covered by thick grey scales. These scales were constantly opening and closing while emanating faint grey mist as the creature inhaled and exhaled.

"Be careful, this is an Engulfment Lizard of a far higher level than the ones we faced before. The mist it emits is extremely versatile and can manifest into anything from armor to weapons. Try not to let it get close to you," Long Yuxue cautioned in a serious voice.

Tang Wulin rushed forward in a flash while pointing his Golden Dragon Spear up ahead. At the same time, he released his Golden Dragon Body, and golden dragon scales instantly appeared all over his skin while his hands transformed into golden dragon claws.

His eyes were also shimmering with golden light, and the massive Engulfment Lizard let loose a low roar as the mist emanating from its scales suddenly became denser. The mist surged forward rapidly, and j

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