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Long Yuxue exhaled in a dumbfounded manner. Even if there had been an entire platoon of soldiers present, it would've taken longer for them to eradicate all of these abyssal creatures than the time it had taken this soul spirit to destroy all of them on its own. This was simply incredible!

Just how powerful was this man? He still hadn't used his suit of battle armor in battle yet, so this wasn't even anywhere near the full extent of his prowess.

Tang Wulin leaped into the node and quickly continued onward without withdrawing Goldsong. After reaching the next tunnel, Goldsong went on ahead before him.

Goldsong could act as his eyes, so he could see everything that it saw.

Goldsong appeared within the tunnel amid a flash of golden light, yet much to Tang Wulin's surprise, there wasn't even a single abyssal creature to be seen here.

"We should wrap things up here, Wulin. This is your first time here, so it's best not to go in too deep. Abyssal creature tides will emerge within the abyssal passageway at irregular intervals. During those times, vast numbers of abyssal creatures will appear at once, and the two of us alone..."

Just as she was speaking, Tang Wulin suddenly stopped, and interjected, "Looks like you've predicted it perfectly."

All of a sudden, a string of low roars sounded in the distance, and violent air currents suddenly began to surge toward them from within the passageway.

Long Yuxue's expression instantly changed drastically upon hearing this sound!

"There's an abyssal tide coming right now! Run!" She grabbed onto Tang Wulin's arm and immediately fled the scene as she spoke.

Tang Wulin didn't know much about the abyssal passageway, but he certainly wasn't delusional enough to believe that he could withstand an abyssal tide on his own. Thus, he immediately turned and fled with Long Yuxue.

Long Yuxue was a little slow, so he wound his right arm around her slender waist while releasing his suit of two-word battle armor before spreading his golden wings.

Goldsong vanished into his body as a streak of golden light, and Tang Wulin flapped his wings vigorously. At the same time, he directed all of his blood essence energy into his Dragon Moon battle armor, and his body shot forth like a bolt of golden lightning back the way they'd initially come from.

Long Yuxue let loose a cry of surprise, and in the next instant, she found herself pressed up against a wide and solid chest. They were flying so quickly that she was barely able to keep her eyes open in the face of the buffeting winds, but she was struck by an indescribable sense of safety and security in this moment.

He's so fast! With his battle armor activated, he doesn't seem to be much slower than a Demonic Enchantress!

The strings of low roars continued to erupt relentlessly from behind them, and the sound was clearly getting closer and closer. Tang Wulin felt as if there were a gargantuan vortex of destruction that was const

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