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The reinforcements had also arrived at this point, but they didn't join the troops that were already gathered here. Instead, they were prepared to substitute any of the soldiers here at any time.

It was no coincidence that the two divisions of the Blood God Legion had managed to successfully guard the abyssal passageway for over 6,000 years; regardless of what types of changes or dangers they encountered, they were always able to react very quickly, and just that alone set them apart from most other legions.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and he could sense that his own blood was beginning to boil in the heat of battle.

What man didn't dream of dominating the battlefield and experiencing the exhilaration of battle?

This was the first time that Tang Wulin had ever stepped onto an official battlefield, and it was also his first time facing a battle of such a large scale. There were close to 2,000 people in the passageway on their side.

Tang Wulin had asked Jiang Wuyue about this; if all 36 passageways were guarded by close to 2,000 troops, then there weren't even enough soldiers in the entire legion to accommodate this! After all, they only had around 15,000 troops that were available for battle, and that would only be enough to guard seven passageways.

In response, Jiang Wuyue had explained to him that not all of the passageways were guarded by the same number of troops. It wasn't that easy for the abyssal creatures to unleash an abyssal tide, and when abyssal tides struck, only three of the 36 passageways would be affected at most.

As such, not all of the passageways had to be so heavily guarded, and there were protective barriers in all of the passageways anyway.

If the abyssal tide really were to appear in more passageways, then the defenses set up by the Blood God Heart would be able to keep it at bay, affording the legion enough time to transfer their troops back and forth between the passageways.

At the same time, the legion had some backup forces, as well as some special soul weapons that specifically targeted abyssal creatures. They'd been guarding this place without fail for several millennia, so they naturally had their ways.

After hearing this explanation, Tang Wulin decided to observe everything for himself rather than asking further questions.

Only after a sustained assault lasting for close to two hours did the destructive energy gradually abate. However, Tang Wulin could see that countless abyssal creatures had already filled the exit of the cave, and they'd immediately rush in as soon as the light barrier was lifted.

The abyssal creatures were so horrifying in appearance that a normal person would most likely faint from horror at the very sight of them.

"Prepare for battle!" Jiang Wuyue yelled as light flashed from his body, and his suit of battle armor was released. A pair of wings spread open on his back, indicating that this was a suit of two-word battle armor.

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