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"I can tell that she also likes you, so why did she leave for no apparent reason?" Xu Mi'er asked in a cold voice, "It's because you don't make her feel safe! You're not powerful enough! Shrek Academy is indeed very powerful, but the academy is a neutral entity. She must have some powerful enemies that she has to face, and she didn't want to endanger your life, so she left, am I right?"

Tang Wulin faltered upon hearing this. She was pretty much spot on with her guess.

"In that case, the problem lies with you for not being powerful enough. If you want to find her, you have to become more powerful. Otherwise, even if she does come back, she'll just be forced to leave again. You deserve this pain for being weak. When you become powerful enough, no one in this world will be able to take away the people you love!" Xu Mi'er's words were very cold and insulting, but they struck Tang Wulin's heart like heavy hammer blows.

She was right? Why did she leave? It was because he wasn't powerful enough!

"But Na'er..."

Xu Mi'er pursed her lips with disdain. "Na'er? You have time to worry about her? She's a two-word battle armor master! She doesn't need a weakling like you worrying about her! You're just a four-ring Soul Ancestor; what's the point of worrying about everyone when you can't even protect them? You've really got nothing going for you aside from your looks! I honestly don't know why so many girls fell for a useless coward like you!"

"Don't say that about him!" Dai Yun'er glowered at Xu Mi'er.

Xu Mi'er looked back at her with a heartfelt and meaningful expression. "You foolish girl, you have to find a man who can protect you. I don't even want a man like him for free! I'm going now."

As soon as her voice trailed off, she patted Long Yue on the shoulder before turning to leave.

Long Yue wasn't feeling very sympathetic toward Tang Wulin in the first place, and he was struck by a strong sense of pleasure after hearing Xu Mi'er's scathing tirade against him.

Following Tang Wulin and Gu Yue's successful match the night before, he chose Xu Mi'er in the end. Even he found that incredible himself. After all, he and Xu Mi'er had only just met on that night!

However, the more he thought about it, the more convinced he was that he'd made the right decision. Xu Mi'er had a straightforward personality, and she admired power, while power was something that he had in abundance.

He really liked girls like Xu Mi'er who were violent and abrasive on the surface, but thoughtful and compassionate on the inside.

"Mi'er, wait for me." Long Yue hurriedly caught up to her before asking, "Did you know Tang Wulin from before this?"

Xu Mi'er shot a glance at him. "No! I don't acquaint myself with cowards like him! All of the girls nowadays swoon over pretty faces, but what's the point in having a handsome face if you're a coward? I'm a pragmatist, so I chose you. You're ugly, but you're decently sturdy."

Long Yue's exp

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