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After more than three years, his soul power had only improved by two ranks, but why was it that the aura emanating from his body had become countless times more powerful?

If they'd known what Tang Wulin had been through in the Dragon Valley, perhaps they wouldn't be so surprised. After all, he'd been interacting with dragons the entire time, expending a vast amount of energy to bury their skeletons while constantly being replenished by dragon spirits.

Indeed, Tang Wulin's soul power hadn't improved by much, but his bloodline power had been nurtured to an unprecedented degree during the past three years.

Pure true dragon power had constantly been nurturing his body, and even he didn't know just how immense his bloodline power had become.

However, what was beyond a doubt was that even Long Yue, who possessed a Mountain Dragon King martial soul, was completely dominated by his aura.

Only after elevating his bloodline power to this degree had he truly begun to display the aura of the Golden Dragon King.

Four golden rings emerged beneath Tang Wulin's feet one another before revolving around his body. The golden light emanating from his body gradually began to seep into the breastplate.

Dazzling light immediately erupted from the breastplate, and its faint golden color quickly increased in brightness. Tang Wulin's eyes also glowed brighter and brighter as dense black light enshrouded the entire area around his body in a diameter of three meters. The golden pieces of armor on the table began to tremor slightly, then levitated into mid-air, where they hovered around his body.

Tang Wulin raised his head, and golden scales gradually surfaced over his skin. His original gauntlets and shoulder plates also instantly appeared.

"Withdraw!" Tang Wulin suddenly yelled.

All of the pieces of battle armor were drawn by the golden light, and they all surged toward his body as golden streaks of life. With the span of just a few breaths, they completely fused together with his body.

Thus, his one-word battle armor fusion was complete.

Faint golden armor encapsulated his entire body. The suit of armor had faint dragon symbols on its surface, and the sharp blades were protruding from the gauntlets and shoulder plates. Only when Tang Wulin was unleashing his blood essence aura did faint scale-like patterns appear over the armor.

His helm covered his entire head, and there was a pair of dragon-horn like protrusions on either side of it. There was a ridge at the center of the helm that raised slightly upward, and a golden visor concealed his entire face aside from a pair of glowing golden eyes.

The most prominent feature of this suit of armor were the two sharp dragon horns on the two sides of the helm, as well as the spikes of a similar design protruding from the gauntlets and the greaves. The edges of these spikes were extremely sharp, and upon closer inspection, one would discover that they also resembled dragon h

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